Man apparently killed in San Miguel bar fight

September 8, 2014

barA man died following a bar fight Sunday night in San Miguel.

Around 10:44 p.m. Sunday, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a fight between two groups in front of the Elkhorn Bar in the 1200 block of Mission Street San Miguel. When the deputies arrived, they found a participant in the fight unconscious.

The deputies administered CPR, and emergency responders transported the man to a local hospital. But, doctors declared the victim dead on arrival.

Sheriff’s investigators are questioning individuals involved in the fight. They have not yet identified any suspects or made any arrests.

The name of the victim is also yet to be released.

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Alcohol reduces inhibitions and disables the ability to think things through. You want it to be legal, you have to put up with the campus rapes, bar fights and highway casualties. Just the price to be paid. Every day in downtown SLO, the beer trucks pull in bright and early. We live in a society that cannot function without drugs….be it something to “take the edge off” or pharmaceuticals. It helps numb us to the fact things are so screwed up.

No, I do not consume alcohol. Or pharmaceuticals. But I would take pain killers for pain…temporarily.


Haven’t been there but those I know who have, said it is a pretty decent low key saloon.

They even have stand up comedy I’m told.

The Elkhorn in San Miguel.

Went to the saloon once with a few friends. I was always aware of the old saying:

“Instant a**hole, just add alcohol.” A**hole. Singular in the saying.

At the Elkhorn however, it became plural x 40, 50?

Never stepped into the place again.

Condolences to the family of the victim.

“The ONLY honky tonk in town. Great place to mix it up. We have played there a few times and it was a blast!” apparently.

Are you thinking of The Ranch? It’s just a few doors down from The Elkhorn and hosts live music.

The last Homicide “Outside a bar in San Miguel” was a gunshot wound outside the The Ranch. I will stick with the fist fights, thank you.

Sorry, the news got the wrong and corrected it later. It was the Elk Horn. Again my apologizes.