Peace officers accused of murdering San Miguel man

September 19, 2014

elk hornSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested two peace officers who allegedly killed a man in a bar fight in San Miguel earlier this month.

Alvaro Jaramillo Medrano, 54, of San Miguel died during an altercation with Sergio Aranda, 35, of Salinas and Travis Woolf, 36 of San Miguel. Both suspects are employed as correctional officers at Salinas Valley State Prison in Monterey County.

On Sept. 7 at around 11 p.m., emergency responders found Medrano, a San Miguel resident, unconscious outside the Elk Horn bar. An ambulance transported him to a local hospital, but doctors declared Medrano dead on arrival.

Both men are being charged with voluntary manslaughter.

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This was not a murder case……………………………

Now that the facts and video are out, this is clearly a self defense case… Waste of taxpayersmoney going to trial. The man and son-in law should have gone home, instead of calling for back-up.

What if!…….. Lets play the What if game since we don’t know the facts…I know this theory wont be convenient to most of the anti-cop types on here, but its geared more for the level headed, drug free law abiding citizens to think about.

What if….. we learn that Mr. Medrano and his Son-In-Law had an altercation at the public bar, then drove back home to round up their friends and neighbors to returned to the bar. Now we have a total of 5 guys to fight against the 3 guys they had the altercation with at the bar. That would be 5 against 3 and probably explain the, “Two Groups” description in the news.

What if…..66.6% of the, 3 man correctional officer group were Hispanic, that would shoot down the ever so popular Racial Spin a few people on here are trying to push. I know that sucks guys we have to put the race card back in your pockets.

What if…..the 5 man group was waiting outside the bar for the 3 man group to exit the bar and jump them in a surprise, 5 on 3 assault.

What if…..the correctional officers were actually defending themselves from being attacked by 5 men, and remember the 3 were outnumbered and jumped. Are Peace officers not allowed to defend themselves?

What if…..The correctional officers that were jumped were the only ones to offer Mr. Medrano medical aid and CPR when it was apparent he needed medical attention. How many of us would, or could do that in the same situation, all ignorance aside would you do that same thing in that situation to a man that had just been part of a group that violently assaulted you?

What if…..4, of the Mr. Medranos 5 man group ran away after assaulting the correctional officers abandoning their friend and neighbor laying on the ground in need of medical attention. Why would you run if you didn’t do anything wrong? The officers stayed at the scene to gave Mr. Medrano medical attention to include CPR to try to save his life while the men who assaulted them ran and never returned even after the the authorities showed up.

What if….it was an unfortunate accident? Would you still demonize the correctional officers because you don’t like laws or cops? Try to leave ignorance out of it and wait until we have all the facts before you judge people who might someday save you from yourself or others.