Pipe break spurs small oil spill in Santa Maria

September 29, 2014

oil pipeA small oil spill occurred Saturday morning near Highway 101 in Santa Maria after an underground pipe broke. [KSBY]

Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to the spill at 1348 East Battles Road just after 7 a.m. When they arrived, Greka Oil and Gas workers were already cleaning up the spill.

The responders limited the spill to about one barrel of oil. No injuries occurred as a result of the broken pipe, and the spill did not cause any environmental damage, according to the county fire department.

It is unclear what caused the oil pipe to break.

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Why don’t the authorities close down Greka for good?

They have a long history of oil spills, some of them quite large. With their history, they seem unable to run an oil operation without repeated spills.