Firefighters help elderly woman

September 28, 2014

santa barb fireTwo Santa Barbara City Firefighters went back to a call location during their free time to help make an 81-year-old woman’s home safer. [KCOY]

Captain Kevin Bryant and crew from Fire Station 6 were called to the home in the Mesa area earlier this month. The elderly woman had fallen and injured her shoulder.

Firefighters noticed that overgrown vegetation had narrowed the walkway to her home, possibly leading to the accident.

While the woman was undergoing surgery for her injury, Bryant and fellow firefighter Tyler Smith went back to the home and cleared the brush. In all, they removed three trash bags full of debris.

“I hope that she’s healing well and rapidly, and you know we’re glad to help anytime she calls,” Bryant told KCOY.

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When then we definitely Need to vote Yes on Measure G.

Nice story. Good job guys.

By virtue of the FD notifying the press of their benevolent act makes it appear self-serving and disingenuous.

How do you know they did that?

Wow, you apparently nailed it; those selfish, self-serving union firefighters were only thinking of the “glory” of getting attention for doing a good deed.

You must have a real positive outlook on life.

I say, “Good job, Mr. Bryant and Mr. Smith, for helping out an elderly woman, a taxpayer who apparently needed a little extra help.”

How does kid know the firefighters called the press?

Could it be that some neighbors reported their act of kindness to the press?

Just a hunch. If the source was from anyone not affiliated with the FD, I’ll donate $100 to the charity of your choosing. Hey CCN, will you publish the source? :-)

Good for those fire fighters, I beat she will really appreciated the act of kindness.