San Luis Obispo County makes the top 5 student truancy list

September 13, 2014

schoolkidsBy KAREN VELIE

San Luis Obispo County made the top-five list of California counties with the highest student truancy rates, according to a report released Friday by California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris.

San Luis Obispo County had the fifth highest rate of truancy of California’s 58 counties during the 2012-2013 school year. Because of its high truancy rates, San Luis Obispo County lost $4.9 million in school funding during the past school year.

The report broke the data down by race, income levels, foster child status and county.

Statewide, almost 90 percent of children who missed more than 35 days during the school year are estimated to come from low-income families. Approximately one in 10 low-income students missed 10 percent or more of the 2013-2014 school year.

Racial disparities also played a role in attendance. Asian students had the lowest levels of truancy while African-American children had the highest.

“Nearly one in every five African-American elementary school students—over 33,000 in total—missed 10 percent or more of the school year, a rate over two and a half times that of white students in 2013-2014,” the report says.

In addition, foster youth are as much as two times more likely to be absent from school than other students. Moreover, foster children rates of absence are likely understated due to the difficulty of tracking foster youth who change schools an average of once every six months.

Because of this and other factors, 51 percent of children in the state’s foster care system fail to graduate from high school or receive a GED.

In the 2012-2013 school year, San Luis Obispo County’s had a 27.45 percent elementary school truancy rate. Mono County had the highest rate of truancy at 41.15 percent, followed by Shasta County at 35.35 and Lake County at 32.82 percent.

Alpine County at 5.36 percent had the lowest rate of truancy in California, followed by Calusa County at 6.32 percent and Napa County at 8.55 percent.

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After reading the posts herein that are being bantered about, logically, what has truancy got to do with vouchers, private schools, and home-schooling in the first place? Many Christian posters within this thread couch their approval of vouchers, albeit, in a religious vein so they could be used towards the religious school realm. This old saw has been discussed ad infinitum and mostly remains at a stalemate because of entities like the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause as set out in historical documents of the Founding Fathers AND Supreme Court jurisprudence, such as Everson v Board of Education (1947)

Turning it around, if monies were to be used towards religious schools, let’s not forget what students will be learning at the secular taxpayer’s expense. While some do provide an excellent and broad education, others espouse narrow and even completely inaccurate views rooted in religion on science and other subjects. True Christians wouldn’t have a problem with this, but what if the tax dollars went to support students at schools that teach with Creationist textbooks? Children would learn that Adam was created from dirt, Eve from Adam’s rib, along with a talking snake, of which it never was proposed in what language the snake spoke, Aramaic, or Greek?

Furthermore, kids would be taught that the Hebrew God didn’t want his creation to be smart at all, because He told Adam and Eve NOT to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge.” Since Eve transgressed in this respect, the Christian’s Hebrew God Yahweh gave Eve severe pain in child birth, and her husband was to rule over her. (Genesis 3:16) This of course is barring a “plethora” of other biblically wrong precepts that are too many to mention.

Private religious schools ARE NOT subject to the same standards as public schools, and disinformation in the classroom can often flourish in these institutions at societies expense. Of what use is it that little Tommy or Sally’s grades improve if he or she is learning in a religious school that the Earth is approximately 6000 years old? Going into the 21st Century, these explicit examples above is what one wants their taxpayer money to fund?!

On the flip-side, would Christians be comfortable with their taxpayer funds going to Muslim schools where Sharia law could be taught? Where within the Muslim Holy Writings of the Qur’an there’re edicts to befriend, behead, and kill all infidels, Christians and Jews because they don’t accept Allah’s words? (Qur’an 8:12, 3:28, 47:4, 22:19, 5:33, 3:85, 9:5, 2:191, to name a few passages) The current actions of ISIS is an example of the above direct commands by Allah. The irony is, the same protocols mentioned above within the Islamic Qur’an are within the Christian’s bible as well if Christians actually read it and followed same. Seemingly the Muslims could also be upset in paying for Christian religious schools in this respect.

There’re a myriad of religions that all contradict each other, even divisions within a particular faith, but at the same time, each one has the only truth. Funny, isn’t it? A hypothetical; can you see the can of worms being opened in this respect if private religious school vouchers ever came into being? We don’t have to worry about this happening, because we still have the First Amendment, therefore facetiously, praise one of the different God’s still existing in the minds of it’s believers.

The equation is really quite simple. Truant parents = truant children.

As parents more and more abdicate their parental responsibilities, so go the children.

It’s not rocket science.