SLO council voices support for Styrofoam ban

September 3, 2014

styrofoam_1Four out of five San Luis Obispo city council members endorsed a proposed ban on Styrofoam products during a public hearing Tuesday evening.

The council directed city staff Tuesday to draft an ordinance banning the use of Styrofoam food and drink containers, as well as the retail sales of Styrofoam products. The ordinance could also ban all food and drink containers that cannot be recycled, reused or composted.

During public comment Tuesday, twelve speakers supported the proposed ban while none opposed it. Only Councilman Dan Carpenter voiced opposition to the idea.

Carpenter said he is concerned with over regulation, and that the county Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) should take up the issue, rather than the city.

“I think this is a personal choice,” Carpenter said. “I am always hesitant to over-regulate.”

The draft Styrofoam ordinance is expected to come to the council for approval early next year.


Hooray! We can finally get rid of all those pesky trees, and turn them into pulp to make cups and take out containers! We are soooo blessed to have such forward thinkers on the city council. I mean, who else can we ask to do all our thinking for us? Who else will force us to alter our behavior? The SLO city council is a gift from the non-judgmental and ethereal being to whom we hold our mental calm and physical existence after leaving the primordial ooze of unproven science theory.

(had to add that last part so as to not upset the atheists by mentioning the Lords name)

Hey! I’ve got a great idea!! We can ban (and we all know SLO loves to be the first to ban things) ALL plastics! How warm and comfortable our lives would be, if only ALL petroleum products were simply not allowed here in Happytown? Those ugly gas stations could now be flower stands, or organic delis!! Surfers would have to travel around SLO with their Styrofoam boards to get to their favorite waves! Smokers would lose their filters….oh yeah…we can’t use THAT legal product in SLO already. Good thing we can still puff away on our medical marijuana. No more cheap coolers at the lakes or beaches!! Oh, dang, this would ONLY apply to SLO, and not anywhere else. Well, we can tell the other cities and beaches to be just like us, because ONLY the SLO city council knows what is best for you….


I am personally going to dump a HUGE bag of packing peanuts on SLO City Hall’s lawn!


Don’t the councilpersons have more important things to deal with? Please knock-off the nanny-city bull manure….

Downtown Bob

Unbelievable….were so in debt and this is what they want to do with so little support. My head is going to explode.


Reading things like this, I really start to feel bad for Dan Carpenter. He has to sit and listen to these people far longer than I ever could. It really must be difficult being the only sane person at the table.


What a waste. The city is beset with financial mismanagement and we are wasting time on styrofoam cups?! Are we going to arrest a tourist who has one? What about styrofoam packing? Does this mean anything shipped here can’t be shipped in styrofoam? Are we now going to have the styofoam police like the trash can police making sure no one has styrofoam? You’ve got to be kidding me!


Say goodbye to those handy beach coolers. How long will it take to move on to the next target?

Within 5 years we’ll be bringing our own plates and silverware to restaurants and our dirty cups into the 7-11 (as long as they don’t exceed 12 oz).


Burger King left the U.S. last week over taxes as has many before. We have an exodus of businesses from CA. over regulation and most politicians can’t seem to figure it out or why it is happening. I think Dan Carpenter said it best.


The only business in CA taking money, opps making money is the government, too bad they are just spending it on increased salaries, benefits and pensions, instead of maintaining infrastructure, reducing taxes, fees, or regulations, or basically making life easier for those paying the taxes.

Rich in MB

The political hacks in SLO want to talk about anything except the debt and unfunded liabilities of the public employee pensions. So my coffee cools down faster in the morning and my take out food container goes from styrofoam to paper….but the City still goes broke. Thanks for nothing you Boobs!

Jorge Estrada

The good news is that the boobs will have a smaller belly.


Where in this article do they mention somone’s boobs? Show me a pic.


The article said “SLO City Council”. That’s a lot of boobs.