Bicyclist killed in Nipomo hit and run identified

October 3, 2014

Michelle Yvonne HartThe California Highway Patrol has identified the bicyclist killed in a Nipomo hit-and-run crash Wednesday as 48-year-old Glen Fulton of Arroyo Grande.

Fulton died Wednesday morning after a driver struck him on Los Berros Road near Pomeroy Road, ejecting him off of his bike. He suffered fatal head injuries despite wearing a helmet.

The driver of the vehicle, Arroyo Grande resident Michelle Yvonne Hart, fled the scene. Officers located Hart, 45, shortly after and arrested her for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and gross vehicular manslaughter.

Hart remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $100,000 bail.


I really have no sympathy for this woman. Yes, sure she is obviously an alcoholic, but has certainly had plenty of chances to acknowledge this fact. She disregarded everyone’s safety for a drive behind the wheel while drunk. It took the life of the uncle of my son’s best friend. He loved his uncle, as all those kids did. Glen was a joy to be around and will be missed.


I cry foul. Why isn’t this woman being charged like Kaylee Wisenberg–second degree murder. Hart’s crime is worse because she ran from the scene, has multiple dui’s, and was dui at the scene. Kaylee passed the sobriety road test, but was later determined to have meth in her system.

Why is Melissa Hart getting another break in her long history of drunken/dangerous behavior. She’s the one who needs to go to prison for life.


I wonder if California holds the record for the most drunk drivers, that hit & run?


Drunk driving at 11AM. Unbelievable. Probably had her license suspended for prior DUI. Throw the book at this scumbag.


I am a scumbag….but a scumbag who has 9 years sober on October 30. Many people are not able to extend themselves to seeing the other side of the story, but I can tell you this: even if I did not end up committing such a horrid crime-I still knew inside that my life was shallow and pathetic….and for certain deeply painful. At the same time, I was the last one to know it was alcoholism. And sometimes, even when a person realizes it is—they still…cannot stop. My withdrawals were horrible and required an ICU admit. It was a nightmare I would wish on no one. I see this woman and I see a sick individual, not a scumbag. I can only imagine the depth of her regret and shame.

I also see the other side. This is a terrible loss for the man’s family. A tragedy all around. At the same time, I know that our world lacks compassion and forgiveness–enough to where our society is nothing like what it used to be. By that, I meant people were different. They seemed to care about others more.


Congrats on 9 years of sobriety, you state “you were the last one to know it was alcoholism” I think you were the last one to ADMIT it was alcoholism. Most people know they have a problem they just don’t admit it to themselves or others.


First of all who in the world would give a thumbs down to you comment Indigo?

Second, thank you for your post. And congratulations on your birthday coming up.


I love to bike ride on the roads in this area. I have ridden on this road. I know every time I ride I am depending my life on the automobile drivers. I have absolutely no sympathy for this lady, people who drive while texting, etc. None. This lady especially. Her license was suspended most likely for drunk driving. She ignored that and went out and killed a man.


Do you mean forgive as in dismiss & forget her deed and blame the Alcohol Producers & Industry???


How condescending, indigo: “Many people are not able to extend themselves to seeing the other side of the story…”

Um…yeah, we see the “other side” alright.

There are too many folks out there who continue to drive while impaired.

Whether they’re stoned on meth, drunk on alcohol, or high on prescription drugs, there are selfish, destructive people like Michelle Hart who CHOOSE to get behind the wheel of a car and risk the lives of others.

Your own alcoholism and subsequent sobriety have nothing to do with this story. Please don’t lecture us about “seeing the other side” and not having “compassion and forgiveness.”

The fact is that drunk/stoned drivers ARE scumbags and ARE killing innocent people. Enough is enough. Michelle Hart took a life and I hope the D.A. doesn’t plea bargain with her. She deserves a fair trial then the maximum sentence…which still won’t be enough for killing someone.

Rich in MB

The whole communities thought and prayers go out to the family and friends of Glen Fulton. It could have been my kids riding to school. It could have been my wife. It could have been yours. When will people say enough is enough and stop driving drunk.


Make that drunk or stoned.