Big guns show for Arroyo Grande Council meeting

October 15, 2014
Steve Annibali

Steve Annibali


Arroyo Grande city officials imported backup law enforcement fire power for Tuesday’s council meeting, but a tightly-regimented gathering of citizens remained in check as debate surrounding a July 3 City Hall incident continued to simmer.

At Police Chief Steve Annibali’s request, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson and Commander Brian Hascall were among the audience. Parkinson said they were there to “help maintain the peace.” Annibali, in a Monday memo to Adams, referred to “repeated outbreaks” at a recent special meeting of the council and noted the “repercussions following” the July 3 “personnel matter,” have “placed the role of the Arroyo Grande Police Department in a most difficult position.”

The chief said that “mounting tensions at public meetings and beyond have called for uncommon measures in order to preserve even the appearance of influence over the police department by any side involved.”

In the aftermath of the Adams-McClish incident, Mayor Tony Ferrara and Adams tried to shift blame for the public brouhaha to police personnel, who were at the time involved in contract negotiations.

They suggested details of the incident were leaked to reporters, and that there was disagreement regarding specifics and credibility of subsequent police reports. That caused the police officers’ union to vote no-confidence in Adams and Ferrara, and has caused many residents to vocally assert their support for police at council meetings.

Dozens of people, many carrying signs, marched outside City Hall prior to the meeting, some supporting write-in mayoral candidate Jim Hill, and others demanding the resignation of City Manager Steve Adams.

Adams and a subordinate employee, Teresa McClish, were found in Adams’ darkened City Hall office near midnight July 3 after the pair had been drinking in local bars. When McClish’s husband worried about her health, police were dispatched to locate her.

Adams has been under fire ever since the incident was revealed in an August CalCoastNews article, and he has submitted a letter informing the council he will be “resigning” after a successor is chosen.

That often requires a six to nine months search.

Tuesday’s meeting was closed to many attendees because of city building capacity regulations.

At least two rows of chairs, 20-25 in number, appeared to have been removed from the main council chamber, and most of the remaining chairs were occupied a half hour before the meeting’s start by people supporting Adams, Ferrara and the council. Consequently, the 140-person capacity room was limited to about 55 people, with another dozen-plus in an adjacent room.

Acting Five Cities Fire Chief Riki Heath said he was asked to monitor the meeting by Annibali. Heath said he did not know that fewer chairs had been placed in the main council chamber.



We learn resignation not by our own suffering, but by the suffering of others

Do the right thing…..


Agree with DaddyO!

Cmdr McBride is one of AG’s finest.

I’m surprised however, that he could or would try to defend the council and Mayor’s actions knowing Kevin and his service to Arroyo Grande over the last nearly 30 years.

HE is honorable and truthful…afraid the same can not be said of our Mayor or council.

This is an easy call folks, sure hope the investigator gets to interview Cmdr McBride, no doubt he will have a lot to say.


The City Council should be so mad at King Tony for writing that letter to M and J.

He leads them and he is writing that letter representing them

“Not gonna take that crap anymore.”

I guess Tony has not received enough training on public records.

They can even go after his private email if they see that much intersection.


We should check his private and city messages to see when he requested help from the city to trim/cut his tree and move his TV.

I want to see his cancelled check for the tree he said he was billed for to remove. Let’s see, it fell the day before Harvest Festival, which was just 2 1/2 weeks after Tony cleared his name by saying he paid an invoice from the city. They bill quickly, don’t you think?



Sure did seem like Tony did a lot of splanin’ for something which would normally be considered a simple, routine matter.

Like Steve’s resignation letter, me thinks the Mayor doth protest TOO much!


I was not aware Adams had actually submitted a “resignation letter.”

He SAID he was going to resign, but he hasn’t even verbally given a date.


I have NEVER heard of the City being utilized as a tree service, UNLESS, it is a tree that is on City maintained property, an emergency, or necessity with cause (abandoned property). I am sure that some of these circumstances would require the Property Owner to compensate the City.

I checked the City’s website, Public Works, and it says, ” The Public Works Department also administers the city’s Community Tree program, which includes administering tree removal requests.” Administering tree removal requests means exactly that…administering as in direct. You can’t just remove a tree in Arroyo Grande without a process, and I think it’s the Public Works department that “administers” the program.

If the City of Arroyo Grande is in the tree removal business, I know a few tree removal businesses who might be a bit concerned with the competition to their making a living. I wonder what the City’s rates are? I can’t find ANY of this information on the website and there were no links.

Hey Mayor, how come there’s a bunch of dead trees at Strother Park and they haven’t been removed prior to your’s ? Just wondering…..

I am sure this is still the tip of the iceberg….In fact, I am positive


Ohh yeah they can go after his private e mails since he continues to do business between him and the council off the AG city server.


If what showed up in support of the Arroyo Grande City Council and/or City Staff is all they have to support them, they are in for a rude awakening. Most of the “planted” supporters of this Kangaroo Kouncil are at best naïve to how the world really operates. When you take off your blinders and rose colored glasses the problem is completely evident, even when they continue to hide and distort the facts, or simply justify bad behavior by blaming everyone but the offender. I personally have arrested some really nice, hard working, dedicated and respectable people…and they were still GUILTY of the offense. Many of those supporters weren’t even citizens of Arroyo Grande. It was actually laughable, until the Mayor starts making his opening statements to the gathered group.

It constantly amazes me that every meeting’s protocol seems to change with the mood and mindset of the Mayor. I don’t have a problem with the Sheriff’s Dept. assisting the City on a mutual aid to avoid ANY conflict of interest for the Arroyo Grande Police Department. I don’t have problems with the fire marshal doing his job. I have problems with the call out by the Mayor and his “Supporters” that the opposing “side” is intimidating to the many who support this Council and Staff. That applause is ok, but not really, but it would be better if you raised your hands, but….But what is the rule of the day ?

People Please ! I thought this was an open government forum, with the freedom of speech ? Since when is showing up for any government meeting with a problem or opposing view INTIMIDATING? That’s why the Meetings are PUBLIC !!! If you are only concerned about showing up to make each other feel warm and fuzzy with your feel good Flowers In Bloom and Community Art Programs and feel appalled and disgusted by REAL CITY ISSUES then know it makes you look as sophomoric and inane as you are.

Believe me when I tell you if you think this “small” group of miscreants have a score to settle, you are right ! Where you are Wrong is the group is NOT SMALL, and the score to settle is the ousting of what appears at a minimum an Arrogant and Uncontrolled Mayor, (if not corrupt) and a desire to see the City run by a City Manager and Protected by a City Attorney that have the City and it’s Citizens best interests first and not their own.

Even after the Mayor imposes the unclear rules of order for the evening, and after Otis Page apologized for his conduct at the prior Kangaroo Kouncil, it was one of THEIR SUPPORTERS that vocally SPOKE OUT OF TURN LOUDLY and made snide “intimidating” remarks at Otis Page after he made his statement. The Mayor did NOTHING ! Three minute time limits were exceeded frequently by the KK Supporters but the Mayor wasn’t too quick to call time when his iphone timer went off.

I want to point out one other issue with regards to the AGPOA having this ulterior motive regarding the July 3 incident, especially the one eluded to by City Manager Steve Adams in his one page FREE AD in the Tribune on 10/2/14. In his passive aggressive accusation against the AGPOA, Adams alludes to the Labor negotiations, and tactics that were supposedly advertised on the POA Attorney’s firm website (so what), and “might” have been utilized to frame he and his “subordinate drunken tea drinker”, even though they were responding to a call for service. But the one thing Adams fails to mention in his Bulls**t piece in the Tribune, Commander Kevin McBride isn’t a member of the Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association. The Commander position is considered management and a conflict of interest, therefore that “questionable labor attorney” doesn’t negotiate with the City’s Labor Attorney. So I guess that INNUENDO is dead in the water…Oh, and Commander McBride has 30 years of Dedicated Service to this Community, not to mention a local !!

I hate having to keep bringing up this July 3 clothing optional Tea Party at City Hall because the problem is so much greater. For Starters, I still demand that Steve Adams be terminated With Cause for his actions on that date and subsequently creating conflict and pitting City Departments against each other (also noted in his one page AD) by suggesting the POA refused to sacrifice for the City during the recession, when the other City Employees were forced to go without pay increases etc.. Really ? Where is the Mayor and the City Council’s outrage at the statements the City Manager wrote and had published that documents these actions of City upheaval all created by Adams and his actions? Why would this City Council defend this one “Stellar” guy against the rest of the City Employees he is supposed to manage? I keep saying it…What does Steve Adams and Tim Carmel have on you, or what favors have you agreed upon ? I sure wished I got a raise when my performance was so abysmal.

I doubt we will see that overwhelming support for the Mayor again, but they will be seeing me and a lot of other Concerned Citizens, or Miscreants every meeting with the same concerns and opinions we are entitled to have…But just in case…somebody already suggested we fill the council chambers first then free the new limited seating for others…then we can Rally !



i have seen Commander Kevin McBride in action he is the best there is as human being

and police officer, every time Mr. adams or the Mayor speaks it inflames situation .

Mr. Adams the mayor and council have done many good things for the city.

but stop pokeing the bear in the eye, the result will not be good.

There are two parts of the bible that come to mind observing this whole situation.

“many words make for much sin”

and ” He who is without sin throw the first stone”


Ok, everyone who gets to have private tea parties at a time of their choosing, and then ignores the police as they bang doors and windows, then becomes agitated, AND gets off WITHOUT being arrested, please fess up now!

Oh, and don’t forget…this behavior MUST take place at your place of employment with a subordinate employee.

If you have never partaken in this behavior, or got busted AND FIRED, you must give this a thumbs up.

Those who have violated any of the multiple HR policies stated above, AND still have your job, MUST vote thumbs up.


Sorry, thumbs down if you have violated, and like Steve, we’re not terminated.



Your reference to the Bible, “Many words make for much sin”,

is that a direct reference to Steve’s resignation letter?


Clarification…The AGPOA labor attorney DOES NOT negotiate for Management positions or the Chief of Police. The AGPOA labor attorney only negotiates for the POA with the City’s Labor Attorney.

Another point to make…technically the Police Association is just that, an association, NOT A UNION…because of the public safety aspect of their work, they are not afforded the same rights as a union, such as a strike.

Please re read every written statement made by Steve Adams, he accepts very little if any responsibility for this mess, but is very ready to blame others who did nothing but their job. Because of the lies and omissions made by Steve Adams and supported by the Mayor and Council, many in the community are questioning our Police Departments integrity ? These actions are divisive, selfish and desperate displays of a guilty person, in this case Steve Adams and company !


True that!

Steve looks like a guilty puppy as he sits thru these council meetings, yet when I’ve seen the officers at the meetings, their heads are held high.

Who would choose to defend Steve’s actions while publicly casting a cloud over the officer’s?

Why our very own Mayor and City Council members, THAT’S WHO!

No wonder they tried to keep it quiet…less time for people to organize before the election!


How are actions of planning commission even compared to poor actions of council and city manager?

I thinks it unreasonable to criticize them for actions of others.



Does your question above acknowledge that the actions of the council and Mayor were poor? If so, will you please explain? I was under the assumption you were aligned with the council and Mayor with respect to how this was covered-up.

I agree Planning Commission should not be confused with council, criticism needs to be directed at the culprit, our dear, dear, Mayor Tony. Other than the Bloom & Historical


Oops wrong button,

Other than Blooms and Historical folks, those speaking on behalf of Steve seemed to be a rather elite group. Maybe Tony, and Kristin’s dad are learning just how difficult it is to get people to give up an evening.


don’t assume

observing AG I see the following , City Manager makes big mistake

council gives him a pass , City manager get on TV makes it worse

POA writes letter, Mayor responds makes worse still

a dose of humility by all would go along way


Fair enough, so what are your thought on WHY THE PASS?

Early birthday present to retire with higher retirement, cuz he’s a nice guy (don’t know him, but Mr McClish may have an opinion on this), or BOTH?

This can NOT be good for morale in City Hall. What about the rest of the people there? The repercussions of the Mayor and council’s actions will be long lasting. This is NOT about Steve and Teresa!

That’s why the policies have to be adhered to, so there’s not even a smidgen, or hint of favoritism looking forward from this point on.

Common sense tells us this is a perfect recipe for dissention among the ranks. No way Steve has the respect of his subordinates, I’d imagine they all resent the hell out of him for putting them thru this.

No respect from the troops=ineffective leadership.


The planning commission is seated by the Council.

Since the Council is not listening, perhaps the PC will listen to share their concerns with their elected official.

The PC is where AG farms their council people.

Future council people need to listen to the people.

There is no reason to criticise the PC.

Just want to share with them the flip flopping of the Council, the disregard toward the public, and the Mayors arrogance.

No one will criticise the PC.

Just want to see if they are receptive to the concerns to the people.

The planning commission meets on Tuesday at 6 pm

Please join them.


Desperate conspirators call for desperate lies.

You can tell the level of desperation of Ferrara, et al. by the desperation of their escalating dirty tactics.

What will be the next stunt they pull in their attempt to cover up their conspiracy?


They will continue to claim this is just a small group of bitter people (notice all those yellow signs around town?) who have an axe to grind.

They will NOT speak to:

Why Mr Adams was NOT placed on administrative leave?

The fact that the first investigation was such a joke they got shamed into ordering an outside (and hopefully more indepth and honest) investigation.

Why the Mayor had no intention of initially informing the council of the incident?

Why Mr Adams is receiving preferential treatment?

Why the council doesn’t accept Mr Adams’ resignation immediately, and begin to move on? (but let’s remember Steve has a big birthday coming up!)

Why the Police Officers Association has voted No Confidence with respect to Mayor Ferrara AND Steve Adams? (that’s never happened before!)

Why, why, why?

At this point there are still more questions than answers.

Joe Bob

Divisive, selfish and desperate,you think? The problem goes so much farther than July 3rd. It seems that Steve’s love for Tony and Nick Tompkins (Steve’s city hall benefactor) extends throughout the city.

Steve, Oh we need to move from the old city hall. It’s too small and we will have to make it ADA Compliant. So pay Nick Tompkins $9000 per month for about a year on a vacant building so the city could arrange to buy it. In the meantime Steve asked the employees to forgo a negotiated raise because hard times were anticipated (yes hard times for employees, layoffs and golden handshakes for others). The sale goes through with a trade in property and Nick Tompkins get to develop the lot where Rooster Creek is.Don’t forger about the old city hall, the city rents it out but must make it ADA Compliant for occupancy by a tenant? Do you see a trend yet? This story goes on and on, problems with the new purchase.

Something really smells in AG and it isn’t coming from Sewer Treatment Plant in Oceano. Things will smell even more if King Tony is re-elected and Prince Steve gets his wish to change to a charter city. Vote for Jim Hill and vote no on changing to a charter city.


Don’t forget Mayor has a nice little office space in City Hall (so he can keep an eye on everyone???) with a nice deck on the back!

Do Mayor’s typically keep an office in City Hall? I don’t recall anyone before Ferrara doing so…


Wht does King Tony keep talking about all the successes in his administration?

2 failed bond attempts

Failed fire authority ballot measure

City hall purchase debacle

The trees at the police station?

The diversity committee?

And now the city managers inability to lead all the departments of the city.


OMG. Too bad Adams and McClish didn’t have their drunken trust on Ferrara’ s deck.


Planning commission this Tuesday, October 21 6 pm chambers. Let’s see who shows up from the City.


Steve Adams and the council will drag on his “resignation” for 9 months until the golden boy turns 55. Then he will retire with full pension, at our expense.

Cleared name, no proper investigation, not consequences for his stupid actions. The tapes show it all. It’s not WHAT they were doing, it was WHY did they lie and hide that evening? Why were they not investigated and put on leave as ANY OTHER employee would have been? Why the favors for the Golden Boy?

And, where is Theresa these days?

Inquiring minds want to know!


QUOTING VANDREWS: ” It constantly amazes me that every meeting’s protocol seems to change with the mood and mindset of the Mayor. ”

Indeed. Mayor Ferrara runs the city council meetings like a series of Madhatter Tea Parties.


So much for democracy and freedom of speech in this county. Steve Annibali and the rest of the crooks in AG bring in their nazzi’s to bully, intimidate and oppress the public. Great job Ian. Instead of the pledge in Ag, they should all just Hile Ferrara!


Scott, Ferrara and the others were critical of Tom Runels and they are worse. Hypocrites.


look at the history not true

Mike Byrd

I think the chief did exactly the right thing. His officers have been exposed to enough difficulties the past few months. Knowing there were large numbers from two different sides expected it was wise to keep the officers out of it. And it was nice of Sheriff Parkinson to come personally. I appreciate the chief and the sheriff for their efforts to keep passions calm and under control.


i think agpd should be commended for wanting to appear independent…..lord knows that is what I want from everyone on this council, on every matter.

City Hall Purchase – very far from independent

South Sanitation – very far from independent

Verdin Marketing – Very far from independent

July 3rd investigation – very from from independent.

You cant train morals and ethics folks. we need new leadership.


Yes Mike, and Sheriff Parkinson was friendly with those in attendance, greeting people, and shaking hands.

Reminds me of the old City Council days, when a smile and a handshake greeted attendees, rather than a glare or a cold stare.


I believe Tony and the council want to lead everyone to believe the folks who are upset about the events surrounding July 3 are just hopped up on whether or not Steve and Teresa did the nasty.

Guess again…Steve and Teresa have been at it for years, and no one made a big deal about it. Especially not our city officials who let an improper relationship (which violates City policy) take place right under their own noses!

Not UNTIL the Mayor and his merry men and maiden in distress decided to keep the dirty little secret, (which had now become a matter involving the police) from the public, not follow common sense HR policies, THEN insinuate the police had alterior motives for the way they handled the situation, did the public become outraged.

The folks who think this is no big deal are the very ones who don’t know what has transpired AFTER July 3, and either don’t want to know, or don’t care to take the time to learn.

I’ll trust the word of the sworn officers anyday before I’ll believe a politician, especially Tony. Whoever hitches their little wagon to him is supect at this point.

I will not be voting for an incumbent this year. I have no faith in them, sadly not one bit.


I am so tired of people thinking this is about S and T.

It is about the MAYORS inability to do the RIGHT thing because he needs ADAMS to be in office so he can be both the MAYOR and the CITY ADMINISTRATOR.

What was the reprimand for?

Was Teresa reprimanded for using City Hall after hours for personal reasons?

ADAMS is going to be around if people do not step up and blow the whistle on what is going on in Arroyo Grande.


think City Hall Purchase

Think Verdin Marketing Contract

Think South Sanitation

Think Independent Investigation.

Think lack of independence and arms length transactions.


Ferrari/Adams supporters know it Isn’t just about the sexual act itself. However, these supporters, as well as Adams, Ferrari, McClish and the city council members have much to gain if they can convince less-informed AG residents that it is all about the sex act itself because the public reacts negatively about someone being hounded about an illicit sexual liaison.

Also, as in so many political scandals, it isn’t the initial offense itself that is the actionable issue..It is the conspiracy to cover-up and abuse of power that turn the initial scandal into actionable issue.


Oh My God Lyrics by Micheal Franti:

Well politicians got lipstick on the collar

The whole media started to holler

But I don’t give a f**k who they screwin’ in private

I wanna know who they screwin’ in public

Robbin’, cheatin’, stealin’

White collar criminal

McDonald eatin’, you deserve a beatin’

Send you home a weepin’, with a fat bill for your

Caribbean weekend


Be sure to check out the AG Councils new ad titled as an article in New times already online.

One more bus to run over the police department!


Can’t find it….what is it titled?


UGH…just found it. Shredder. What a jerk. He has missed the whole point of corrupt government. Otis stood up because the people were being shammed, once again. It is so far past what Steve/Trish were up to that night.

This whole experience just shows that the people have no voice, and the few elected (or non-opposed so keep their seats) feel they can rule the kingdom.


Naw….Shredder was spot on this time.

Just because some old fart that is an admitted bigot makes a public spectacle and brays like a drunken jackass is not cause to storm the Bastille.


That’s the best you have?, not impressed.


Otis has it right when it comes to the situation in AG—-you may not agree with him on everything, but it isn’t necessary—he gets what is going on in AG and he (and others) are taking the mayor and council on—head on—-


You mean “The New Slime”?

Daniel Blackburn

Dave Congalton and I will discuss this at 6:05 p.m. on Hometown Radio, KVEC920 AM.


I don’t get why nobody is pointing out that Mayor Ferrara intentionally infringed on the public’s first amendment rights when he arranged to block access for council critics entry into the counsel chambers. The Mayor knew that there would be a rally just before the counsel meeting, and arranged to limit the chamber’s occupancy by removing available chairs and space. Then I assume the pro counsel supporters were instructed to show up early to take all the available chairs. And I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the AG fire chief decided to show up at this particular counsel meeting to enforce fire codes, thus denying access to most of the council critics who were Involved in the rally. I’ve never seen the fire chief at any of the previous counsel meetings when there was a packed house of angry citizen critics. Last night’s council meeting was just a carefully planned political move designed to silence all the Mayor’s opposition, and was without a doubt a civil rights violation.


very well said. absolutely. it is a one hit wonder. the waiving of the hands to boot. limit clapping under the veiled threat of arrest. Their best attack, until they start attacking our livelihoods which has already happened……


Ferrara clap….waiving of hands, in silent show of support.


That’s not retaliation you’re experiencing, it’s JUST coincidence…NOT!


I did. The title really should read Arroyo Grande City Council Physically limits !st Amendment.


That is also part of the conspiracy to cover up the initial offensive act and abuse of power by limiting the public’s right to express themselves at city public meetings.

It started out with the initial conspiracy to cover-up of Nookiegate, and has now progressed to conspiracy to deny civil rights to a specific group of people…those who wish to hold Ferraro, Adams and members of the city council accountable for the cover-up and denial of civil rights.