Investigators considering several scenarios in Margay Edwards death

October 20, 2014
Margay Edwards

Margay Edwards

Investigators are considering several possible causes in the death of  Margay Edwards of Los Osos, including the possibility that she was not the victim of a homicide, a Nevada detective said. [KSBY]

Nye County Detective Joe McGill said the evidence reviewed thus far leans away from the death being a homicide. But, that does mean Edwards was not murdered, and investigators have yet to examine her cell phones.

“It could have been homicide, natural cause or any number of things at this point,” McGill said.

Edwards’s body turned up late last month when ATV riders found her in an advanced stage of decomposition in the desert off Hafen Hanch Road in Nye County. Her body was lying about a half mile from the road on a dirt track.

The coroner’s office shipped the body to Texas, where her remains are currently under the examination of a forensic anthropologist. Autopsy results are not expected to be finalized for months.

Detectives found Edwards’s car and two cell phones earlier this month about two and a half miles from the location of her body.

The case will remain open as long as Edwards’s death is deemed undetermined, McGill said.


According to an earlier report, the car had crashed into a wash and the airbag was deployed, but that was not suspected to be enough impact to have caused a fatality. There is something very odd about this case, however. There are some looming gaps here, for instance-no one seems aware of who this mystery couple is that she was visiting in Pahrump-nor why she had spent several weeks with them there right after meeting them at an earlier point in time. (Don’t you gradually build up frienships…and what about college?) What was she doing there (specifically)? Was there a credit card trail? Why did she drive the car so far off the road? There is something else a bit odd also (not too odd, but notable). She graduated from college about 10 years ago, did a bit of time in college and then came home. She was struggling with issues of some sort, perhaps? Repeatedly, I see things in the news where young women are out just partying….and seem to have no clue they are in any danger. I just don’t understand….

Hue Hef

The mystery couple can be found by some detective work, I found out who they are.

I am surprised the police are not perusing them more after doing some research on this couple.


Continuing to pray for this family and praying for investigators to determine an exact cause rather than end it with a theory.


Well, the silver lining in the tragic cloud just may be that she did not die at the hands of another.

Thank goodness.


I could believe natural death, like she was stranded and walked away from car but then wouldn’t she have at least taken her phone? Also does the car start? If so……………


Just speculation but here are some possibilities:

Car trouble keeping it from either starting (starter, fuel, engine) or moving (transmission, linkage, flat tire). Stuck in deep sand, high centered on a rock.

Phone not working because of low battery or poor coverage area.

If Ms. Edwards was like a lot of other young people these days, she may not have been very familiar with navigating in an unfamiliar area without the use of a GPS device. Too much reliance on gadgets tends to make people less conscious of where they are and how to figure out a logical route to safety.


Margay’s generation far exceeds out familiarity of GPS and staying in constant contact. She would not have left her cell phone or two willingly.


“our familiarity” was what I meant. Damn cell phones!