Man allegedly stabbed girlfriend repeatedly prior to Cambria arrest

October 2, 2014

stabbing1A Lompoc man accused of attempting to kill his pregnant ex-girlfriend stabbed her several times prior to his July arrest in Cambria, the victim testified Wednesday. [Tribune]

On July 27, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Brian Michael Rodriguez, 25, after finding his girlfriend with stab wounds inside a home in Cambria. Rodriguez faces 27 counts of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting corporal injury, torture, mayhem criminal threats, willful harm to a child, child endangerment and attempting to dissuade a witness.

He could serve up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the offenses.

During a preliminary hearing Wednesday, Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend testified that he had previously stabbed her on numerous occasions with pocketknives, screwdrivers and a large bread knife. Rodriguez also threatened to kill her several times before his arrest, she said.

The victim testified that Rodriguez had been in and out of sober living facilities, and that he was very possessive, often accusing her of wanting to be with other men.

When deputies found the woman in July, she had a 5.5-inch stab wound to the back. The woman was about eight weeks pregnant at the time.



The woman has three children, one of which belongs to this father, and is pregnant with his child. She needs to be sterilized. Rodriguez is on parole. He needs to be locked up for a very long time–maybe forever. What is mentally wrong with someone who continually stabs/maims another person? He is barely above the level of animal. I would bet that these two both have well below average IQs.

This couple is a great example of the worst of our new multi-cultural society whereby she pumps out kids she can’t support, and he terrorizes his family and the community.

For the couple in Cambria who invited this family to their house–don’t invite sketchy people on parole into your house. You put your family at risk, and bring criminals to Cambria. Have some respect for your own community or move somewhere else.


“She needs to be sterilized.”

Who in the hell do you think you are to make such an outlandish statement? Who decides (other than the woman herself) that she should make such a decision?

Your generalizations about this couple certainly point to an attitude of condemnation based on your personal biases; is the man mentally unstable? He stabbed his significant other, apparently multiple times- certainly most people would agree that he has “issues”, but your condemnations here go beyond the pale.

I understand that comments like these are “opinions”, but sheesh, you really take the cake of condemnation and outrageous “solutions”. At least we know where you stand ….


Remember the 3 women who were held in that maniac’s house for 10 years in Ohio? At first, he had to chain them to keep them there—then later, they willingly stayed (even though they could escape from the back yard). He even had them wear wigs and took them out in public. There were many times, they later reported, that they could have simply walked away. Why didn’t they then?

Because it is a sort of brainwashing when you are abused like that. Abuse and torture (whether they be at war or at home) can cause many deep and profound psychological changes. I sincerely hope this woman receives the counseling she needs. It is almost a certainty she has PTSD. The treatment for that can be quite intense and lengthy.


Your example is not the same. Escaping from someone who is right there who could chase you down is very different from escaping from someone who is in prison and can’t touch you.

Better wait to defend and excuse this woman until we find out what Rodriguez did to the children.


He was just a little “messed up” maybe she thought she could change him..sound familiar??.. all in all Im sure hes great daddy material.. a great start for a family.. anyone want to bet we will be dealing with his progeny in 15-16 years??


Makes me wonder, what kind of woman would get involved with someone who has been in and out of sober living facilities? I think that would send up a red flag to most women. But then again, maybe not.


Just look at all the women that marry men while they are in prison.. even rapists and serial killers get letters and visits from them..its called Hybristophilia


Okay; I fully understand that no one is supposed to “blame the victim”, and I sure do not want to do that, I just have to ask why anyone would stick around with an abusive person after they have been stabbed even once- and this man had apparently stabbed her repeatedly ?

While I am certainly glad the man is behind bars and the woman is not injured in a life-threatening manner, I am somewhat confused as to why she had not reported her previous attacks by the suspect.

I really hope the victim here gets some counseling help to understand that it is NOT okay to stay with an abusive partner, and that any physical attack needs to be reported. It seems like this woman is lucky to still be alive. Good luck to her and her kids.


Google “Why I Stayed”– after the Ray Rice story came out, many victims of domestic violence offered up their answers to that question.


Sounds like the kind of guy you’d want to make a baby with, right?


Sometimes (may or may not be the case here) women experiencing domestic violence are forced to get pregnant by their significant others– reproductive coercion and birth control sabotage are two common forms of control by an abuser.


Really? I’ve never heard of that. Wouldn’t that be RAPE and / or kidnapping? Maybe she just loved that he was a Bad Boy and wanted the baby.


It would be technically rape but the victims are too messed up psychologically to either see it as such or to bring charges. It is really difficult for me as a male to understand this mindset but it occurs far too often among females for me to just write it off as an isolated case or to blame the victim. I don’t know what a good solution is — generalizations can lead to over-reactions and laws applied in ways they shouldn’t be.


I don’t know the victim and can’t speak to her mindset, but the linked article is just one of many about reproductive coercion… kinda like the inverse of getting pregnant “by accident” on purpose.


Either way, the mentality of both of them sounds a bit sketchy.