Multi-semi collision in Templeton leaves man hospitalized

October 2, 2014

ambulanceA Fresno man sustained major injuries to the face early Wednesday morning after an oncoming semi-truck crashed into his car, slamming it into another semi near Templeton. [KSBY]

The accident occurred on Highway 41 north of Highway 46. Christopher Park, 24, was stopped in his Saturn due to construction when the oncoming semi clipped him.

Responders transported Park, as well as a 24-year-old passenger, to a local hospital. The passenger was only taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

California Highway Patrol investigators say the driver of the semi who caused the collision, 51-year-old Pastor Garcia of Elk Grove, was inattentive and driving at a high speed. Investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol factored into the collision.


I know it would be a huge undertaking and may even not be possible…but I’ve always thought that it would be prudent to build truck highways leading into and out of major cities. Of course not all trucks would be able to use them depending on their destination but it would take a bunch of big rigs off of the inner city sections of many of our interstate highways.

Like I said it would be a huge undertaking economically and otherwise…almost like building a bullet train to Las Vegas.


So now Templeton extends into Cholame? Just because the Templeton CHP office has jurisdiction, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be accurate in reporting.


My thoughts exactly! So, a Templeton CHP officer on his way to Sacramento for some sort of training foils a robbery in Stockton and the robbery will be reported as being in Templeton. LOL!

This crash was closer to Kettleman City than it was to even Paso Robles!

fishing village

what else was he doing? texting? ….how dumb is it that this semi truck drivers didn’t pay attention!


“…Garcia was inattentive and driving at a high speed.”

I’d like to hear that he has been arrested, his commercial license revoked, and his bail is $1M after hurting someone like that.


And deported.


Chances are that his insurance company will remove him from the commercial driving business, but the process takes a little time. The high bail is unlikely though unless he is deemed likely to run from the law. (Bail serves 2 purposes — ensuring that the accused shows up in court and reducing the likelihood that he will re-offend prior to that time. It would be a hard case to make that he was LIKELY to re-offend.)