Santa Margarita man killed in crash identified

October 9, 2014
Thomas Edwin Craig

Thomas Edwin Craig

The California Highway Patrol identified a 56-year-old Santa Margarita man who died in a motorcycle crash Wednesday as Thomas Edwin Craig III.

At about 10:30 a.m., Craig passed a vehicle, lost control, crashed and was thrown from his bike on Huer Huer Road about three miles south of Highway 58. Craig was not wearing a helmet.

He suffered major head injuries and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Officers do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.


Very sad that this man lost his life to an accident.However; it is very “Lame” to comment that the lack of mufflers, leathers, or even a helmet contributed to his demise. The man was probably doing what he enjoyed the most; riding the back roads on his motorcycle. That little foam in a helmet offers so little protection. Sad incident, but it is what it is. there are many (reasonable) states that don’t even require helmets. RIP Thomas.


Riding a big street bike without a helmet, as I too stupidly did in the way back years of no helmet laws. Probably no working muffler or leathers either.

You should’ve used all required gear and enjoyed your machine, big guy. Now your family has to suffer a needless tragedy. May your unfortunate passing serve to educate and save others; remind others that big iron toys can hurt you in a flash if caution and experience aren’t followed.

R.I.P. and condolences to those that loved you.