Supervisor campaign setting new records

October 8, 2014


A contentious District 4 supervisor’s race is setting records in San Luis Obispo County for money-raising, already generating an unprecedented $610,000 between candidates Caren Ray and Lynn Compton, and total contributions may top $1 million before the Nov. 4 race is concluded.

And the more the cash rolls in, the more convoluted and hazy the required reporting is becoming.

Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Ray, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown following the death of Paul Teixeira, reported on her 460 disclosure forms that she has collected $240,064 in cash and non-monetary donations in addition to $1,000 in loans for a total of $241,064 throughout the campaign. However, the actual amount Ray has raised is difficult to determine as many of her forms have conflicting information.

Ray’s 497 disclosures, which are forms candidates are required to submit within 24 hours of receiving a $1,000 or more cash donation, show multiple donations that Ray failed to report on her 460 campaign disclosure form as required by law.

For example, Ray reported on Aug. 15 that she received a $1,000 donation from Stephen Cool and on Aug. 21 a $2,000 donation from the California Association of Realtors in Los Angeles, though she did not report those donations and others on her latest cumulative discloser filings.

Ray said she is reviewing the filings, and if errors are found, she will amend her reports.

Ray’s top contributors are developers, many of whom have projects in front of the county, and unions.

Ray’s top contributors during the 2013/2014 campaign:

$19,386 – Gary Grossman, owner of Coastal Community Builders, developing the former Dalidio Ranch

$10,000 – Monte Cool, chief of acquisitions for Grossman’s Coastal Community Builders

$10,000 – Lori Mangano, developer with Mangano Homes

$10,000 – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of San Luis Obispo

lynn compton

Lynn Compton

During her campaign, Compton has collected $303,608 in cash and non-monetary donations in addition to a $65,000 in loans she made to her campaign, for a total of $368,608. Compton’s largest donations came from farmers and conservative organizations.

Compton’s top contributors during the 2013/2014 campaign:

$18,042 – Republican Central Committee

$14,775 – Nicholas Cook, a retired engineer from Los Osos

$5,420 – Kathleen Maas, Pear Valley Estate wine vintner

$5,250 – Teixeira Farms

Ray is currently ahead on cash donations while Compton leads in the number of people donating to her campaign and non-monetary donations. In cash donations reported on their 460 forms during 2013 and 2014, Ray has raised $229,064 and Compton has collected $210,814.

In cash, non-monetary and loans, Compton has raised $368,608 and Ray has taken in $241,064, according to their 460 filings.


Is the Teixeira Farms owners any relation to the late Supervisor who held the seat? How does his family feel about either candidate–or have they said anything publicly? Just wondering. I don’t live in the 4th District, I live in SLO and we are represented by Bruce Gibson. That is a whole other thread of discontent.


Probably related but probably not immediate family. There are a whole bunch of Teixeiras in the Santa Maria Valley and I believe Teixeira Farms is headquartered there. There are also a few in southern SLO County.


errr….if you live in slo, you are under the adam hill’s throne.



You’re incorrect; unfortunately there is a small portion of the 3 district (SLO) that is part of District 2. Yes, this would be the arrogant, self-centered and egotistical Bruce Gibson’s district. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The sad thing is that neither Adam Hill nor Bruce Gibson are worthy of the districts they’re supposed to serve. I’m still disappointed about the lack of voter turnout to unset Gibson.

Kevin Rice

Districts 2 and 5 also reach into SLO. They shouldn’t, because voters in the north and south should have their own representation. Presently, they don’t get that.


And those of us with Arroyo Grande zip codes who live off of Old Oak Park, are NOT in district 4, as all assume.

We are stuck in District three and there are ZERO advisory councils available to us. We only have one active advisory council pocket and that is Avila Beach.

Avila Beach closes their advisory council meetings to the public . . . even those of us that live in the same district.

The whole effing thing is an exercise in wasted effort if you want to be an informed AND involved citizen in this county!


Have you checked out the Avila Valley Advisory Council, AVAC?

October 13th agenda, with listing of officers:


May the hottest chick win!


Hoping so achillesheal! better yet the SMARTEST!!!! One that is voted in, NOT that has a history of being “appointed” .


Smart and politics don’t mix. Now, corruption and politics go hand in hand. Vindictiveness and politics. Pettiness and politics. Power and politics.

I am neither democrat nor republican (think all politicians should be tortured), however, it’s not rays fault she was appointed. That’s how the system works.


“SMARTEST” failed the bar exam.

Kevin Rice

Proof? You got nothing. She hasn’t taken the exam yet.


Are you saying Caren Ray actually made it to law school cowtipper?

3 putt

It’s not hard to get into LYNN’S law school. You and the other 10 people just have to pay for it. Didn’t take it– I wonder why ?????


The Ray campaign likes to keep throwing out the rumor that Compton hasn’t passed the bar.

I’ve heard Lynn explain that she hasn’t taken the bar yet.

Where do they get their “information” from?

3 putt

SHE ADMITS — THAT SHE HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO PASS THE BAR Then she talked about liking dogs. huh?????


Rich in MB

What a liar you are. Not having taken the bar exam yet…is Not the same as not being able to pass it yet. But what do we expect from Ray supporters but lies. Thanks for living down to the low opinion we have of you.


So, Kevin got his panties in a bunch over a developer being Ray’s largest donor, but Compton having the Republican Central Committee as her largest donor gets a pass? I can’t even imagine the screams and howls that would be raised if the dreaded Democrats were Ray’s largest donor! Hypocrites…

Kevin Rice

Well, my cat-friend, just why would I care if Democrats donated to a Democrat? You imagine quite a lot. Political parties are made up of like-minded PEOPLE, not a SINGLE MEGA-RICH SINGLE-INTEREST ONE PERSON (i.e., “developers”).

Yet, at the same time you’re offended when Republicans support their candidates? That’s pretty hypocritical, cat-man-doo! Your idea of Free Speech only applies to Democrats? Seems that is the Caren Ray viewpoint since Compton signs have been vandalized quite a lot.

AND SIMULTANEOUSLY you have ZERO ISSUES with developers owning a candidate??? WHOA! DON’T YOU REMEMBER??? It was L.A. DEVELOPER MONEY that was SOOOOO EVIL that Supervisor Mike Ryan was replaced by James Patterson. It was the DEMOCRATS that were SOOOOOOO upset about DEVELOPER MONEY and POUNDED the message all over in letters to New Times, the Tribune, and got articles written.

AND, guess who I voted for in that election? NOT hypocritical here, cat-fool.

It’s only a problem for for the Ray-guns (you) when Republicans do it.




Well catdude? Waiting for your reply? Cat got your tongue?


I will offer one.

First off, why don’t you think those developers are democrats. I should think Compton hopes that’s the case, or she has more problems than the obvious ones.

Second, leaping to the conclusion that a contributor owns the candidate is a big one that then must be applied evenly. In Compton’s case, the people who are suing the county over the paso basin management must own Lynn. These are the people who will cost the county in piles of money in court costs.

Third, Ray has posted many sign thefts and damage including pictures of people in the act. That simply shows there are people on both sides who feel they can play outside the rules. I doubt either candidate support this action.


Are these donors giving out of the goodness of their hearts, or could they perhaps want something in return?


Just ask Caren Ray.She would be the best top answer that question. hmmmmm

Kevin Rice

Caren would lie. Developer Denis Sullivan already gave her $2,000 after she voted dust isn’t a “significant health problem” for elderly persons at Cypress Ridge and approved 31 new homes.


LIES which have been previously discredited


Certainly one of the most costly elections in SLO County History, from the Supervisors Contest , to the Taxpayer funded Consultants, Unions, and Big Business in the New Sales Tax Increases , Grover Beach Special Road Tax Increase, or Public Building Maintenance that was ignored in the past are all on the Ballot.

The paid mailings, phone banks, will be working overtime to overwhelm the Voters, confuse the issues, spin the subject, and frame all these New Tax Increases in it will just cost you the cost of a small….. each month.

Please Vote.

Questions: Why are so many people and special interests groups spending so much money to pass” All These New Tax and Automatic Rate Increases ?”

If these New Tax Increases are logical and really needed why do we need to ” Pay So Many Outside Consultants” with valuable taxpayers funds that are needed on projects to come into our communities to game the local democratic election process?

How Many ” New Tax Increases Can You Afford For Years To Come ? ”

Do not give permission for others to Buy Your Vote !

Be Independent and Respect The Democratic Vote in November.


Well done CCN, a generally balanced report. Keep it up


Just given the fact that she was appointed by the “Brown Factor” is reason enough not to vote for her. People in the 4th district are oh so fortunate to have Lynn Compton. Hoping all of you down there vote her in. We are on the north coast are stuck with Gibson. : ( . At least if Ms. Compton is appointed to the SLO County BOS ,we all might stand a chance of getting things done. She is CLEARLY not the type of person (or woman ) that will put up with Gibson and Hill’s bullying. Looking forward to watching her put those 2 spineless bullies in their place!


Should have been “We here on the north coast” .


Ray’s appointment is partisanship at its finest.

Paul Texiera was a thoughtful conservative. Brown’s appointment of a wild liberal was to serve the dem agenda, not to serve the people of the district.

Whole thing stunk.

Let’s hope the 4th District can right that wrong.


racket…they will right that wrong, just like our county voted for Dan Dow!


Let’s not forget that she was also appointed to the Arroyo City Council. She’s never been elected! That should be enough to make people wonder why they should elect her now. She has accomplished nothing and her campaign is nothing but a smear campaign to distract voters from the real issues facing her district. She’s a real disappointment.


Hmmmmmm….why did she (Caren Ray) remove Steve Adams from her supporter list?

It is really funny (or not) if you check out Caren Rays website of supporters, one day some are there the next they are gone. Of course dependent on who is in the process of getting their hands caught in the cookie jar. Keep up the good work CCN!


To you and Racket below:

Compton begged for the same appointment Gov. Brown awarded Ray. Compton wasn’t found qualified. Had Compton been appointed and had to run against Ray now, would Compton be whining about a Sacramento appointment?

Sour grapes stain Compton’s pretty campaign.


She wasn’t appointed by Brown because she was a Republican, pure and simple. Anyone who doesn’t know that simply knows nothing about politics in the State of California.



My point above stands, the voters elected a fiscal conservatiive, who died in office. Governor Brown did not replace with a fiscal conservative, he replaced with a liberal. Seemingly against the will of the people that just voted in the conservative.

Did he do this for the good of the community, or did he do this for the good of the Dem party?

Probably, the 4th District voters will elect a conservative again, but displacing an incumbent is an uphill battle. And a battle that shouldn’t need to be fought now, as they ALREADY elected a con.

Kevin Rice

Bserious, you are wrong… Compton WAS found to be qualified. Which is why she got a personal interview with the governor. He chose party politics. Now, the people will fix his mistake.


Wrong As Usual, KR

None of the top candidates got a personal interview with Brown. Ask them.


begged? LOL!!!!


Why are so many big developers supporting Caren Ray and not Lynn Compton? Maybe they know that Caren’s vote is up for purchase and Lynn’s is not!


The developers already have Ms. Compton’s vote, they need to hedge their bet.




Of course, the Compton campaign is running a $90,000 debt. Who will cover that after the election we wont know till it is too late.

Kevin Rice

INCORRECT. Compton reports $42,393.98 CASH against that debt. Continuing regular donations will close the gap further. Additionally, half the debt is to herself. These loans can either be paid back if contributions come in, or can be forgiven.



Compton proudly stated at numerous forums that unlike other campaigns that simply forgive debt, she would not be doing that. The very concept of a loan is that she expects the campaign to repay her.

The filing posts $90,000 in outstanding debt. nothing in the last year of the campaigns spending indicates your statement has merit. This debt number just keeps growing.

Kevin Rice

AGDon, don’t spout nonsense. You simply look at the latest Form 460 and you’ll see the CASH balance of $42,393.98 right next to the other figures quoted in all the newspapers and here. That cuts the debt in half. If Compton wishes to be repaid, that’s fine. So what? She can do that. Or, she can forgive the debt. It’s her choice, presuming contributions come in.


Thank you, I did.

$42,393.98 cash on hand, $90,035.31 in debt although how is a question as the filing has numerous clerical errors. CCN reports $65,000 in loans, the filing reports $42,500 in one place then another number in the loan section and also references a loan date before the candidate even filed to be a candidate. Far beyond my simple mind. Im sure there is good reason.

What I understand is a loan is a debt and it means it is to be paid back, the candidate said this too. Both campaigns have similar amounts of cash on hand, Compton about 10% more, One campaign has zero debt and is working within its means and we know where the money came from. The other campaign is $90,000 in debt and we don’t know who promised to cover it.

That just seemed like a reasonable question in a campaign finance discussion

That’s all I got, feel free to rip my simple analysis apart.

Kevin Rice

It’s a fair question. I merely contest your apparent assertion that cash on hand doesn’t cover nearly half of the reported debt. Further, since a good portion of the debt is a loan from the candidate, it doesn’t *have* to be paid back. In fact, other creditors could choose to forgive debt as a contribution as well. You cannot assert baseless speculation that some unknown dark force will appear. On the other hand, there is a known dark force funding Caren Ray—nearly $100,000 from developer interests. I’d choose the candidate with debt over one receiving $100,000 from people with so many projects in front of the county.


Good point. It is all about money. Ms. Compton has unlimited personal funds, or a rich “daddy.” When it comes down to issues she has zero substance. Afraid to debate unless she has a republican puppet moderating. The people of this district deserve better.


I have to laugh when MF says it is all about $…..hahah, similar to their savior the crooked mayor of Morro Bay Jamie Irons.You know, our guy who is being mentored by Mayor Fiasco, Tony of Arroyo Grande? Puppets?


Mr. Rice,

THANK YOU for setting the record straight.


respectfully follow the money and you may come to different conclusion .

no supervisor race should need this amount of money.

if the large amount of money was to be taken out of the race , the winner would be different . you can still buy elections


hahahahahahahahah tell Gibson that!


Kickback Dan? Surely you jest.


MF, thankfully the majority of the voters in the county were bright enough to vote in Dan Dow. Unlike many that were just too stoned in Gibsons’ territory that were unable to figure out what was really going on.


Guess that explains why Lynn Compton’s signs are on most all large acreage between A.G. and Santa Maria. These big signs are plastered all along Highway 101 for miles and miles of large agricultural properties. Clearly shows who Compton’s is looking out for!


Yes, she is looking out for those of us that WORK for a living. Those that are not part of the “BROWN factor” waiting for a handout at every given chance.


Just ask the folks up at Cypress Ridge!

Russ J

Confusing to me. From the donor list, looks like Caren Ray will be the kept woman for developers which seems contradictory to her campaign spiel. I don’t see the big oil folks throwing any money into the race. Maybe they don’t want to contamdidate anyone………


Ask yourselves WHY are so many people willing to spend so much money for a job that pays only $82k?

SLO County Code-2.48.095 Board of supervisors’ compensation.

Each member of the board of supervisors shall receive the following compensation:


…Effective September 20, 2009, an annual salary of eighty-two thousand fourteen dollars and forty cents shall be paid to each supervisor in the same manner utilized by the county for its general payroll. This salary shall continue until changed pursuant to the provisions of this section.


Commencing on or about September 1st of each year, the personnel director shall survey the comparison counties of Marin, Monterey, Napa, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz to determine the annual salary paid to members of the boards of supervisors of those counties as of July 1st of that year. Using that information the personnel director shall calculate the average salary of the comparison counties. If the calculated average salary is greater than zero, the personnel director shall prepare a draft of an ordinance which shall provide that the salary of the San Luis Obispo County supervisors shall be raised to parity with the salary survey average. The personnel director shall then present said draft ordinance to the board of supervisors for their consideration and adoption. The salary approved by the board of supervisors shall become effective the following January.


All employee benefits available to general management/department head employees shall be available to the board of supervisors.


$82,000 .. not exactly chump change (no pun intended) .

Russ J

They’re not spending it, the political Johns are.


It’s like the professional athlete who makes a very good salary THEN makes millions in endorsements. Aside from political campaign donations, don’t think for one minute that these politicians aren’t quietly receiving all kinds of benefits from their constituents that legally go unreported. It’s called politics.