Gunfire reported in Atascadero

October 9, 2014

atascadero_sign_photoLaw enforcement officials received reports of shots fired early Thursday morning in Atascadero and have placed parts of the city in lockdown.

Atascadero police and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s SWAT officers have responded to the area of Viejo Camino and Halcon Road in Atascadero. Reports of the gunfire came in around 3:27 a.m. Thursday, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Law enforcement officials responded by locking down certain areas of Atascadero, including the Bordeaux and Paloma Creek apartment complexes. Those complexes are located in close proximity to Atascadero State Hospital.

Officials have likewise sent robo calls warning parents of children in the Atascadero Unified School District. The operation of some bus routes in the area has also been halted.

The Atascadero Police Department will provide updates on the situation.

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Where’s the updates?

Unless the gunfire has resulted in bad news, I’ll assume it was good news.

Oh, just wait until WalMart arrives…

Wow! Did we have this kind of lockdown response 30 years ago to “gunfire?” Wow! are we that paranoid? I shot 2 squirrels today. No such response here.

Squirrel News Network actually reports a lockdown of all nests around your property today. The order was to “shelter in place.” There are comments similar to yours on that report from other squirrels upset about the new policies as well as how many nuts gets wasted in the process.

Good points, but society is changing, slowtime. Change is everywhere. Fleeing away are the good old ways. Today over 350,000 acres of prime recreation area will be mostly LOCKED DOWN as a “national monument” as the President misuses an early 1900’s emergency law to forever change and REDUCE the use of the interesting San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County.

During times in LA county I hiked, drove, target shot, and hunted those areas. There is no national need to lock down that area, this is just a dream come true for the Wilderness Society as the disaster in the White House locks off areas I have loved, while he personally lets thousands be massacred in the Middle East which he has personally overseen steering into flames.

You hand absolute authority to an absolute extremist, and this is what you get.

Lost my doctor, lost my plan, now losing one of my old haunts and the freedoms to use it.

@#$@#$@% !

No quarter for ground squirrels!