Cockfighting roosters euthanized in Southern California

November 26, 2014

roostersSouthern California county animal workers euthanized 152 cockfighting roosters at a home near Desert Hot Springs on Tuesday. [Desert Sun]

Police arrived at the home while investigating gunshots in the area and found the roosters, which were used for illegal cockfights. Riverside County Animal Services workers then euthanized the birds at the property.

Animal Services policy prohibits adopting out cockfighting roosters. The birds are worth hundreds of dollars and would likely be sold for illegal fights, according to the agency.

After the owner of the roosters turned over his birds, police arrested him and the U.S. Border Patrol deported him.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies have busted several large cockfighting operations in Nipomo in recent years. In March 2013, deputies confiscated 233 roosters at a Nipomo location.

In 2010, deputies found 600 roosters at a Nipomo property, and in 2009, they found a Nipomo ring with 1,216 birds.



  1. slowtime says:

    152 birds equates to a lot of meat just thrown away. What a waste.

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  2. laftch says:

    Like he won’t be back in the U.S. doing the same thing inside a month.

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  3. slojustice says:

    One more step toward becoming a third world state.

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  4. Pelican1 says:

    Those who promote and conduct these events should be the one’s euthanized.

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  5. Jorge Estrada says:

    Cock fights are a cultural festivity for Mexican gamblers just like Casinos are for Indians. Maybe there needs to be a zone de tolerencia for the Mexican culture so that they can improve education for their children, like Lotto does for everyone else?

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    • shudacuda says:

      Indian casinos are legal, if you want to attend a cock fight that and immerse yourself in “culture”, then by all means, go to Mexico and do it.

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    • W. Diller says:

      Yeah, like the Lotto does so much to improve our society! LOL

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    • Pelican1 says:

      Please explain, what is festive about the violence of a cockfight?

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      • SLOBIRD says:

        Same as what the bullfights used to [resent for the cultural activities…

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        • Pelican1 says:

          Again I’ll ask, what is festive about such violence? Please explain.

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  6. Zuma7 says:

    They deported him?
    He’ll be back in San Diego within 48 hours, you can bet on it.

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  7. SpeakTruth says:

    My neighbor has a rooster, and it makes a heck of a lot of noise. I can’t imagine the sound of hundreds of roosters being kept in tight quarters. How do they keep these places secret?

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    • shudacuda says:

      According to San Luis Obispo county code enforcement,with regard to fowl or poultry (in coops) if you live in residential single family zoned area no roosters allowed except on sites >2 acres surrounded by properties of =/> size……….if that fits your situation you have recourse to get rid of the annoying sound. I looked it because my neighbor got chickens, I don’t have a noise problem, but the flies are just as annoying. as for how they get away with it,I’m guessing they are most likely in rural areas on large ag. properties with no neighbors close by

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