Higginbotham wins Pismo Beach mayor race recount

November 25, 2014
Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

A recount confirms, incumbent Shelly Higginbotham won her bid for the Pismo Beach mayor’s seat against her challenger Kevin Kreowski.

Shortly after the San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder’s Office announced Higginbotham had won the race by two votes, a supporter of Kreowski mounted an online fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.com to cover the cost of the recount. The recount, which concluded today shortly after 11 a.m., cost $2,489.

The recount resulted in no changes from the original count; Higginbotham finished with 1,637 votes and Kreowski tallied 1,635 votes.

Contributions to the recount effort include $300 from San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill and $100 from alleged con man Scott Barnes. GoFundMe.com also lists Higginbotham as a $495 donor.

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You’ve got to believe Kreowski has at least 3 buddies who said they voted, but in fact stayed at home and said, ‘ah, my vote doesn’t matter.’

Nobody here said anything bad about Mr. Kreowski, so why so many dislikes? Sour grapes maybe?

She has a lot of class to chip in like that, other elected officials should take note.

Congrats to both sides, both have won but Shelly will get the high road. Surely everyone will be winners on this one.

Well done. The political process has taken its proper course. Please oh please go silently into the night and wait for the next election to begin again. We all understand this was close and its a testimony to the power of the vote and shame on those that did not turn out to vote. You truly would have made a decision