Los Osos woman dies in Highway 1 crash

November 12, 2014
Sabrina Hammerlund

Sabrina Hammerlund

A 24-year-old Los Osos woman died early Tuesday morning after she lost control of her car on Highway 1.

Sabrina Hammerlund was driving near Morro Bay when she veered into the center median and then turned too far to the right while trying to straighten her path. Hammerlund’s vehicle left the highway, went down an embankment and hit a private road, where ranchers found it rolled over around 2:40 a.m.

It is currently unclear when the accident occurred. California Highway Patrol officers are still investigating the crash.

Hammerlund, a graduate of Morro Bay High School, worked as a chef at Windows on the Water restaurant in Morro Bay. She was a community volunteer and a proud Los Angeles Dodger fan.

Tuesday’s accident marked the third death of a Los Osos woman under the age of 30 in the last two months. Previously, 27-year-old Margay Edwards’s body was found in a Nevada desert, and bicyclist Anna Deis, 25, died after being struck by a car on Los Osos Valley Road.

During that span, a Los Osos toddler and a 17-year-old boy from Morro Bay also died. Simon Brito, 17, and 22-month-old Mason Gibson were passengers in a car crashed by a man under the influence of synthetic marijuana.

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synthetic marijuana NO!

counterfeit marijuana YES!

no such thing as synthetic marijuana

We’re losing so many young lives recently.

Yes, we are. There are a lot of younger people leaving the planet right now en masse-and there is a reason why too.

What is going on around here?

everything at once continuously is the correct answer.

It is not just here, it is world-wide. There are underlying things at work here. There will be huge upheavals in the years to come. Those that are gone….will be spared that. Although at the physical level, it appears tragic, in reality it is a blessing. It is only because death in the US is so avoided, and that we do not understand the soul’s journey that we see death as negative. Death is simply a transcendence. Picture yourself not in a body-free of conflicting emotions, hunger, pain, sadness. I discarded the heaven/hell promotion years ago. To not have a physical body is a splendid form to be in. It is only those left here that feel it is tragic. That is because we are in a lower dimensional level. Here we have war, rape, pedophiles, murder, work our whole lives without almost no break, we grieve, get diseases, etc. Not so with no body. A very blessed state, indeed.