Paso Robles woman on trial for murder

November 4, 2014
Maria Fajardo

Maria Fajardo

Jury selection has begun in the murder trial of a Paso Robles woman who is accused of hiring several people to rough up her ex-boyfriend. [Tribune]

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo, 51, allegedly paid a group of teenagers a total of $12,000 to kidnap and brutally injure her ex-boyfriend Victor Sanchez. The teenagers were reportedly tasked with abducting Sanchez and shooting him in the kneecap, but one of them shot and killed the victim in front of his apartment.

Fajardo’s trial is expected to include testimony from approximately 50 witnesses and could last until Dec. 19. In addition to facing a murder charge, Fajardo is also charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and robbery.

Prior to the fatal shooting, assailants beat Sanchez with a tire iron, leaving him hospitalized with broken bones and facial injuries. Fajardo is believed to have paid the attackers prior to that incident, as well.

Fajardo told detectives that she was in a relationship with Sanchez for 10 years and that he was abusive and unfaithful.

In all, detectives identified eight suspects they believe participated in the two attacks. Officers arrested four of the suspects, of whom, two have already received prison sentences and another is scheduled to testify against Fajardo in exchange for an eight-year term.

The remaining four suspects are still on the run from law enforcement. One of the outstanding suspects, 38-year-old David Rodriguez Hernandez, allegedly participated in both attacks and recruited three teens to shoot Sanchez.

Opening statements in Fajardo’s trial may begin by the end of the week.

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Ugh…so sick of this garbage and people like her.