Are pot smokers causing problems in Paso Robles?

November 4, 2014

pot1Paso Robles police are targeting individuals who congregate in parks to smoke marijuana.

In recent weeks, the police department received numerous complaints about people smoking marijuana in Centennial Park, located near Paso Robles High School. Last week, detectives conducted a sting in the park and cited five individuals for marijuana-related violations.

Around 3 p.m. on Oct. 29, detectives wearing plain clothes observed several individuals openly smoking marijuana in the park. They cited three adults and one juvenile for possessing marijuana, which is an infraction.

The detectives detained the juvenile and eventually turned him over to his parent. Detectives also identified a female juvenile who was under the influence of marijuana and detained her until a parent arrived.

Paso Robles police say they will continue enforcement efforts in city parks over the coming weeks.


As a local who was born and raised here that loves our Downtown Park, I do not appreciate nor do I feel comfortable walking through the park while dozens of these young worthless pot heads are there sitting around getting high. Also I think letting these idiots ruin the look of the pleasant downtown area is not good for any of the downtown businesses. So yes I agree with Paso PD keep on arresting and ticketing this worthless group. Maybe they will get a hint and get jobs and maybe become worthwhile members of society.


There’s no reason to imply with the headline that pot itself is a cause of criminal behavior or somehow immoral. It’s not. And it’s not a gateway drug as the far right would have us believe. In fact, pot smoking is immensely preferable for these people than to be drinking and drunk in the same location. The fact that there were no crimes reported is testament to the benign results of smoking weed. Imagine if they were blitzed out of their minds on booze? There would definitely be criminal acts, maybe even deadly ones going on.

Now, all that being said, fixing stupid is not easy. They probably got that trait from their parents. I agree with the comments that this behavior is not appropriate and sets a bad example. So a ticket and strong advice to take the habit indoors to the privacy of one of their homes is definitely the right thing to do.


all the laws against marijuana were racially motivated when they were created


They’ll be back tomorrow with medical marijuana cards and a fresh bag of Doritos.


Can’t the pot smokers light up in their Mom’s basement? It’s a bad example for children, and we don’t want to smell your skank weed.


you mean dank? skank means something else .


Oh, for pity’s sake. Don’t the Paso police have anything better to do with their time? Talk about picking the low-hanging fruit….



Perhaps the cops are tired of mopping up dead children.


so-called bath salts are not marijuana there is no such thing as synthetic marijuana


I have no idea why they try and call bath salts or potpourri synthetic marijuana. They have nothing to do with marijuana. They might as well call it synthetic Meth or synthetic PCP.