California district attorneys sue Uber

December 11, 2014

urlThe district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco counties have filed suit against Uber, the world’s leading smarthphone-based taxi service. [New York Times]

The joint lawsuit alleges that Uber has misleading safety practices and mischaracterizes the extent to which it vets it drivers. It demands that the mobile application-operated service immediately cease violating California law.

Uber, which operates in San Luis Obispo, allows customers to request rides in private cars using its smartphone app. The company generally recruits nonprofessional drivers to provide low cost taxi services.

An outside firm screens prospective drivers for Uber, which characterizes the practices as “industry-leading” on its website.

“You are not using an industry-leading background process if you are not fingerprinting your drivers,” San Francisco County District Attorney George Gascon said.

Uber was also hit with a lawsuit from the city of Portland this week. Portland attorneys allege that the company is operating an unregulated transportation service.

On Monday, the Delhi region of India banned Uber after a driver was accused of raping one of his passengers. Authorities in Spain and Thailand also ordered the company to cease operations.

Los Angeles and San Francisco counties have already settled a suit against Uber’s main American competitor, Lfyt. The two counties received a combined $500,000 settlement from Lyft.

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Pay to play or some political hack will swoop down on you like a ton of bricks. Welcome to amerika. Thanks a bunch libs.

today’s projection of self loathing brought to you by the letter K

and the FUd foundation

There’s no limit to what free men and free women in a free market with free enterprise can accomplish when people are free to follow their dreams.

Why is this government constantly attempting to put the free enterprise system on trial?

What a bunch of “free market” sentimental mush! The “free market” has valued Uber, which consists of nothing but some software, at more than $40 billion, which is more than the market value of, for example, the Kroger grocery chain (Ralphs locally) which actually owns real estate, store stock, a thriving business, and a valued name. Left to its own ability to accomplish things, the “free market” sometimes behaves in idiotic ways. Thank goodness we have government to look out for us when the “free market” fails to do so.

Investors seeking a stake in ownership of Uber invested $1.2B at a $40B valuation.

It is their capital and their right to risk it that Uber’s rate of growth will justify the amount they paid at a future date.

Their wishing to pay a premium to get in on the early stages of a company that they believe will someday combine with Google’s self driving cars and eliminate yellow cabs and possibly vehicle ownership.

If it doesn’t pan out then their investments will be worth less or nothing in the future. If it does they’ll be handsomely rewarded.

That is the finest example of a free market enterprise.

I didn’t think the advancement of Uber would become a politcal thing – that is until recently when left-leaning entities including Frisco and L.A. starting going after them.

Whenever you take power out of the hands of Big Gov politicians and into the hands of the public, this is the result.

Unfortunately, everything now is political. Why else would seemingly intelligent individuals give their hard earned money to fools to run for office.

Yes, the Guvmint REALLY gets pi$$ed when they can’t get their slice of the pie through total control and taxation (licensing fees, etc).

Pressure from the union pukes and an opportunity to shake down a successful company.

Government has become the mafia. If you want to stay in business pay the piper.

Taxi drivers are unionized? Where? This may be a government shakedown but it is more likely to be done on behalf of the big, established taxi companies not unions. Sorry if that doesn’t fit into your “all unions are bad” talking points.

The regulators would have stopped the car companies to protect the biggie whip manufactures if they were around at the time. Ridiculous.