Man hospitalized after cow attack

December 11, 2014

air ambA 65-year-old ranch hand is in the hospital after a cow attacked him during a branding operation at a ranch on Wednesday in the Cuyama Valley.

Shortly after 10 a.m., the cow charged the man and pinned him against a corral causing chest and upper body injuries. Firefighters responded to the ranch near the intersection of Highway 166 and Cottonwood Canyon Road to find the man having difficulty breathing.

Emergency medical personnel then transported the man in a medical helicopter to the trauma unit at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara.

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Pelican 1, I noticed the large number of dislikes on your post and was taken aback. What you stated was what I thought to be a normal sense of compassion for another living thing with the understanding that this is the nature of the business. Then I realized where we live and the predominate culture, I think that speaks it all. I for one was not offended.

It wasn’t meat to offend anyone. I realize it’s a business, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the business of cattle production involves pain, stress, and anxiety to the animals.

Good job, cow! I would like to see more of this. Animal consciousness must be evolving also. Humans aren’t the only ones who have had enough of the crap that goes on on this planet. I am so happy that cow did this!!!! I just wish it was on YouTube!

That is totally a rude and idiotic comment.

If you eat meat, then this person is working as his way of life to provide you that protein. Just like every other animal on the planet that eats other animals, some have to die a horrible death. Think of the way a mouse dies when caught by a Coyote..slowly chewed to death, or a zebra perishing in the jaws of a crocodile…or a baby gray whale being pummeled to death by a Orca near Morro Bay…we just have emotions unlike animals and assign human emotions to cute animals. Animals don’t think about it and it is no big deal.

Hope this man makes a full recovery and sorry for the stress and heartache that his family must be feeling right now.

Sonny Bono got involved in politics because the Local Planning Department would not let him remove trees on his property ! One day he was skiing and collided with a tree:( and the tree said I got you babe.:)

They were his trees. Its called owning things, having control over things you work hard to acquire. And the point is?

we live on a globe that we have to share with everyone else no one is alone you have to think about the people over the horizon from you and from your imaginary boundary

If that is the case send me your address some folks I see living in the creek need a nice yard to stay in. Your yard does not belong to you anyways by your lack of logic.

Actually, the trees he struck were at a ski resort. He had a hefty amounf of Demerol in his system when he died. He used Demerol regurlay.

Excellent, except for the start….which was highly ad hominem. “If you eat meat…” OF COURSE I DON’T EAT MEAT! No one who is more consciously evolved does these days—are you joking???? Educate yourself-find out how much water goes into raising beef and the disgusting hormones and antibiotics in the meat. Getting nauseous thinking about it…

Grow your own if you are worried about it. Human evolved to eat meat, and without it you become deprived of certain minerals that give you the ability to have common sense, drive, or ambition.

Hormone injections in cattle….is a myth for the most part anyways, raising cattle i can tell you that no on e i know of puts hormones…and as far as water goes so what, i don’t see the problem with animals drinking water…weirdly enough it goes around and is recycled.

I am curious if you feel this way about all animals attacking humans? Or just large pasture animals? If he would have died, would you have rejoiced also? I had assumed the indigo was a reference to something new age and compassionate.

Ban cows!

A number of years ago, I was invited by a then very prominent cattle rancher (RIP) to his family’s roundup. It involved roping, branding, castrating, inoculating, de-horning, tagging. and reproductive examinations.

I was appalled at what these animals were put though. I know, it’s not personal…it’s business, but if I were a cow, or steer, I’d be mad too. Frankly, it all looked very painful.

Hmm…I guess those who disagree wouldn’t mind being branded, having their nuts cut off, their horns melted off with a hot iron, their ears cut, squeezed in a squeeze while having your reproductive tract inspected by a man with a very long arm and of course being inoculated to prevent disease and infection….all with out any sort of anesthetic.

As I stated above, compared to nature, we human are actually very kind. Go see how your average buffalo fares in the wild, how they die, and how they live.

No…nature is about necessity. We are about everything but.

One day after the bull fight, the local cantina served an excellent dish of mountain oysters. Another day we noticed the serving was much smaller. I asked the waiter,”why is this serving so small?” He replied,”senior the bull is the winner today”.

CIA cattle ranch exposed!!

So who attacked who, did the cow have a red hot iron? Sad.

Man bites dog…cow attacks man….