Cambria considering reversing irrigation ban

December 18, 2014

cambriaThe Cambria Community Services Board of Directors is considering reversing a policy implemented earlier this year that prohibits residents from using district water for domestic irrigation purposes. [Tribune]

The board will decide Thursday whether or not to lift the ban, which came into effect along with restrictions on the amount of water each Cambria customer is allocated. If the board reverses the ban on lawn and plant irrigation, the water consumption restrictions will remain in place.

Prohibitions will also remain intact on using district water for washing cars, boats, trailers, sidewalks, streets, driveways, parking lots, windows, buildings, porches, patios and all other hard-surfaced areas.

The bans implemented earlier this year have led to many residents hauling buckets of water from their showers and sinks to try to keep their plants alive.

At the time the district adopted the policies, Cambria, like the rest of California was in the middle of a severe drought. While Cambria technically remains in a drought, it has now received more than nine inches of precipitation in the current rain season, according to county figures.

The Cambria CSD Board will meet at 12:30 p.m. Thursday at the Veteran’s Memorial Building. At the meeting, the board will also continue discussions on its approximately $9 million emergency water supply project.

Jorge Estrada

Why lift the ban when it is raining? Why not wait until spring before considering the ban removal? It will cost the taxpayer to lift the ban and again to re-establish it later. Why not establish alternatives sources before over committing what exist?


Oh, for heaven’s sake. It rains 4 inches and Cambria is considering again allowing irrigation?

It is going to take a few years of normal-to-better rainfall to even begin to replenish the groundwater basins.

Is the CCSD trying to ensure they will need the emergency water project, or what? It really looks kind of obvious from where I am sitting…


I think they need to hire a consulting firm to do a study. Should take a few years and $100k or so.