Findings released from Cal Poly drug testing program

December 1, 2014

cal polyCal Poly is increasing its drug-testing of student-athletes following the August arrests of five football players, and the university has released initial results of the substance abuse checks. [Tribune]

Over the past three months, university officials conducted 197 drug tests of student-athletes, including at least one on all 105 members of the football team. Of the 197 tests, eight returned positive for marijuana alone.

An additional nine resulted in positive drug detections, but doctor’s subscriptions excused each of those tests.

On Aug. 5, San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players for allegedly robbing a fraternity house. About a month later, police arrested the former president of the fraternity for allegedly selling marijuana out of the house where the robbery occurred.

Sources told CalCoastNews that the robbery related to a turf war over marijuana sales between football players and fraternity members. Former football players also told the Tribune that marijuana use is widespread on the team.

During the 2013-2014 school year, Cal Poly officials spent about $2,000 drug-testing student athletes, but the athletic department plans to spend more than $50,000 on the program this year. Athletics officials expect to conduct an additional 550 to 800 tests by the end of the school year.

There are 550 student-athletes who attend Cal Poly.

Athletes who test positive for street drugs will undergo regular testing and must complete drug education and counseling. A second positive test results in a one-year suspension, and a third positive test triggers expulsion from all teams.