Chief alleges council extortion racket in California border town

December 1, 2014


Members of the Calexico City Council are running an extortion racket and are teaming up with police officers to shut down criminal investigations and blackmail city government members, according to the U.S. border town’s new police chief. [NBC San Diego]

The FBI is currently investigating allegations of corruption within the Calexico Police Department, which federal agents recently raided. Former assistant police of Los Angeles and 34-year veteran of the department, Michael Bostic, has now taken over the scandal-plagued Calexico department and has vowed to root out corruption in it, as well as at city hall.

Bostic said during a press conference last month that when he took over the department the investigation unit was probing no active criminal cases, even though a combined kidnapping and assault of a juvenile occurred in October. The case has yet to be resolved, and Bostic said that the members of the council involved in the extortion racket have been obstructing the investigation.

A member of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors has also interfered with the kidnapping investigation, Bostic said.

Bostic implicates the council in authorizing city funds for purchase of surveillance equipment used to extort their political opponents. Police officers who cooperate with the councilmen used the equipment to track, voice record and photograph other council members in compromising positions, Bostic said.

During the news conference, Bostic cried while describing the corruption he discovered just two weeks into his term. He also vowed to do everything possible to prosecute council members for interfering in criminal investigations, though he added that it is the responsibility of the voters to remove the dishonest councilmen.

The current council majority is working actively to fire him, as well as the interim city manager, Bostic said. Calexico has gone through about 26 city managers in recent years, Bostic estimated.

Allegations have likewise surfaced of drug dealing within the police department. Drug cartels are suspected to have influence in the area due to the town’s proximity to the Mexican border.

Approximately 40,000 people live in Calexico, which is located about 120 miles east of San Diego.

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Blessings and protection for the Chief and the rath to those who oppose him.

“Bostic cried”

Why cry, he gets to carry a concealed weapon!

“though he added that it is the responsibility of the voters to remove the dishonest councilmen”

Its insane or a joke to ask un-armed voters to remove dishonest “dangerous” councilmen!

He reacted that way because he is emotionally invested. Looks to me that they got a good man to do a very nasty job.

He cried because he knows there is now a price on his head.

Adams and Ferrara, looks like some job openings you can fit right into!

The two can take Tom Geaslen too!

This should not be surprising. Calexico is a major importation point for illegal Mexican drugs.

King City south?

More like TJ north.