Letter to the editor: No excuse for torture

December 17, 2014
Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney


Listening to Dick Cheney defend torture on “Meet The Press” is akin to hearing Idi Amin justify cannibalism.

Imagine that you are one of the 26 innocent detainees who was confined for 29 hours in a box that measures 21 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 30 inches high, you can neither stand, sit nor lie down for 29 hours. Imagine being literally immobilized in a closed coffin for 266 hours. If this isn’t torture, I don’t know what is!

Initially, many of the other less innocent detainees provided useful “intel” to trained interrogators without resorting to torture. But these trained interrogators were fired and Cheney and company brought in unqualified “contractors” to take over the “interrogation process” using torture. No subsequent useful “intel” was obtained.

How would one best describe this sort of behavior? Depravity.

Allan Cooper is a retired Cal Poly professor and a member of Save Our Downtown.


“Allan Cooper is a retired Cal Poly professor and a member of Save Our Downtown”

Sounds like an extremely artificial, insular and privileged existence. It goes a long way in explaining Cooper’s ridiculous “opinion.”


Oh, it was torture alright. And well deserved torture at that. I am of the belief that this

country will have to get down from the lofty pedestal we seem to have put ourselves – as

defender of the oppressed, policeman to the world, guardian of all that is right, blah, blah,

and realize this world has changed – big time. The USA does not the have the answers

to everything.

There are many in this world that understands nothing but force, they have no

compassion for anything or anybody. Ex: the recent killing of children in Pakistan, just

because some mullah thinks education is bad. And we should try to reason with them?

While I do not agree with the ex-VP on many things, I say what was done was justified.

And if any person, group, country, etc. thinks they can do what was done on 9/11; they

should also attempt to understand that what was done by us in a reactionary way was

small potatoes. We, as a country, need to accept that the world has changed and

change with it. It won’t get better just because we want it to.


Imagine nearly 3,000 innocent Americans being trapped in buildings and airplanes while they burn, their offices explode, or collapse. Imagine the torture when when you decide to stay and burn to death…or jump to their death.

Torture my @ass!


Imagine a president (BUSH!) being warned (SIX TIMES, IN ADVANCE!) of that very thing happening and saying at the last, “All right. You’ve covered your ass.” Imagine the enabler of torture (CHENEY!) being Bush’s point man on Al Qaeda (AND FAILING,…IGNORING THEM!). No indictments my ass.


What do you expect from a professor in the liberal college bubble? Rational thought? He believes everything he hears because it comes in one flavor only: leftist. Note that only 29% of those polled agree with this brainwashed intellectual. Most Americans know that we need these non-lethal, non-disfiguring tools to get good intel. These fellow travelers are going to get us killed if we let them.


“Imagine that you are one of the 26 innocent detainees” who made you the judge & jury? just another political football game.


This is a crock of BS. Islamic terrorists are not innocent. There is NO “Senate Report” on Torture, Instead, there is a dishonest Democratic staff report being given too much credence by the media.


Thiessen: Feinstein No More Credible than Rolling Stones Reporter

Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014

Senator Feinstein’s “Torture” report has little or no credibility. If we had an objective media, this would be obvious to everyone.

Sen. Feinstein lives up to Rolling Stone’s standards



Respectfully, I disagree. What would the professor think if his was part the unfortunate one of the thousands who tumbled from the Towers to escape the flames to certain deaths on 9/11?

I want a President given the authority to take any extreme measure to prevent another 9/11. Or would the professor prefer we lop of their heads as practiced by Muslim extremists?

Rich in MB

Oh…and they would burn down your SLO Downtown if the Terrorist had a chance, so you can be on the Save Downtown committee….how about stepping up to the fight and be on the Save America Committee?

Rich in MB

Oh for Heavens sake….sleep deprivation, water boarding, and making them listen to Iron Maiden Music isn’t torture. It’s called fighting terrorists that want you, your mother, your kids, and your grandmother killed and head put on a Pike. It’s a Joke to call what the Americans did to save other American lives torture, but it fits right into the Blame America First thinking of today’s Left.


As long as they don’t make them listen to Michael Bolton. That would be inhumane!

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