Los Osos grieves recently lost lives

December 4, 2014

los ososLos Osos residents gathered at Saint Benedict’s Episcopal Church Wednesday evening to remember several community members who died in a recent string of deaths.

The tragedies began in September when ATV riders found 27-year-old Margay Edwards’ body lying on a dirt track in a Nevada desert. Authorities have not yet determine Edwards’ cause of death or whether or not her death resulted from a homicide.

In October, 25-year-old Anna Deis died after a vehicle collided with her bicycle on Los Osos Valley Road. A toddler, 22-month-old Mason Gibson, died in a car crash in which the driver was under the influence of synthetic marijuana.

Last month, Sabrina Hammerlund, 24, died in another DUI crash. CHP officials said this week that Hammerlund was heavily intoxicated when she crashed her car late at night on Highway 1.

An 86-year-old Los Osos man also died in November after yet another DUI collision. A crash on Foothill Boulevard near San Luis Obispo killed Dr. James Snider, a retired university professor.

Additionally, a 17-year-old Morro Bay boy died in the string of fatalities. Simon Brito was a passenger, along with Gibson, in the car driven by the man under the influence of synthetic marijuana.


Will you please quit calling “Spice” synthetic Marajuana! Synthetic MJ is a legal (and has been for a VERY long time) Drug called Marinol. Doesn’t anybody fact check this stuff?


I concur


Where’s the people who defend drunk drivers and their bad behavior?


Peace to those who lost friends and family. My prayers are with you.


I realize that it has become a popular term, but “synthetic marijuana” is too unlike real marijuana for the phrase to be an objective description anymore than another term, “bath salts.” Please use “synthetic drugs” or some other description which does not link the crap to specific substances which have some legitimate uses.