Interim manager takes over in Arroyo Grande

January 15, 2015

arroyo grandeThe Arroyo Grande City Council hired an interim general manager on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning he took over the office previously held by ousted leader Steve Adams.

Former Glendale assistant city manager Robert McFall is expected to serve four to six months at the helm of Arroyo Grande, Mayor Jim Hill told CalCoastNews. While in Glendale, McFall briefly worked as Adams’s boss.

Adams resigned last year amid a sex scandal that stemmed from Arroyo Grande police finding him partially clothed with Community Development Director Teresa McClish late at night in a city hall office. An alleged coverup of the incident also led to the departure of longtime mayor Tony Ferrara, who lost his reelection bid to a write-in campaign run by Hill.

Prior to his hire, McFall disclosed that he supervised Adams in work for the city of Glendale. After his retirement from Glendale, McFall did some consulting work for Arroyo Grande in which he conducted several departmental assessments.

A city staff report stated that McFall would make $60,000 over a four-month stay with Arroyo Grande. Adams would have received $70,600 in that period.


I am wondering under what grounds Steve Adams thinks he has to try and cling on to a job he ABUSED. I think the City should countersue for all Steve’s “wasted time” and legal fees the City will expend to defend itself.

The interim City Manager hired was the Assistant City manager for a much larger City. I think we will endure until a permanent replacement can be vetted. And by vetted, I hope this means better than making one call to the last employer who says, “seems legit”, shaking a magic 8 ball, or flipping a coin.

I have seen fast food workers and Walmart employees get better vetting than our local White Collar workers these days. Help me understand this.


We’ve only just begun to live,

New faces and promises

An election win and we’re on our way.

Arroyo’s just begun.

Before the rising sun we fly,

So many roads to choose

We start out walking and learn to run.

And yes, we’ve just begun.

Sharing horizons that are new to us,

Watching the signs along the way,

Talking it over with all of us,

Working together day to day


And when the evening comes we smile,

So much of life ahead

We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow,

And yes, Arroyo’s just begun.


Hot off the Press

Special City Council Meeting Thursday, January 22, 7 pm

Only one thing on the Agenda

Potential lawsuit from former City Manager Steve Adams regarding his employment agreement

It’s not over folks.



My God,

Did he keep the same resignation letter or did he write a pseudo professional one that Carmel and Ferrara knew was inappropriate but let slide to let their good ‘ole boy get a pay out.

Is Ms. McClish the next one?


Good ‘ol Steve, only always wanted what was best for AG,

until he decides to sue…

AFTER he writes a half page resignation paper published in the Trib.

Gosh, what a guy!


Why does the City of Arroyo Grande continue to pay for and tolerate the legal advice of Tim Carmel?

Mr. Carmel was in the closed session when the council agreed to accept Mr Adams resignation. He was present when Mr. Guthrie reported out their decision.

Now Adams is convinced he has a strong enough position to sue AG.

What do we need Carmel for if he can’t protect us from litigation when an employee resigns?


Going…..Going….Gone! Another (((HOME RUN)))) (((HOME RUN)))) for the new Mayor and his council!


Wait Pelican. We might need another tune to warm us up!


Best wishes to Mr. McFall as he begins his work to bridge the gap between our acting City Manager, and a permanent City Manager. Many in attendance clapped loudly as the announcement was made that an interim had been chosen.

Thanks to Deb for stepping up during a difficult time. It was nice to see how genuinely touched she was as Mayor Hill thanked her for her efforts, and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.

Nice to finally have Mr. Adams off the payroll!


The new Council has already had many successes. Congratulations!

Now they need to slow the difficult decisions down and perhaps go on a retreat to discuss working agreements and protocol. Each member will have a voice without Big Tony. It might be a good time to get to know each other and find out why each person is on the Council and what they hope to accomplish in their term.

It’s time to listen. Brisco can wait.

How does the Council want to interact with the public?

What are they going to do about demands for a forensic audit?

What will be their new relationship be with the City Attorney?

What will be their role with the San District?

But most importantly, what is this new Council, with Mr. McFall as their advisor do to set the record straight about the relationship with the AGPOA?

( Will they remove the allegations by Ferrara and Adams and setthe record straight publicly?)

I sure hope so.


Two left to go following the July 3rd (and pervious) mess, Mr. Carmel and Ms. McClish, after they are gone maybe then we can start the healing.


They must start now despite these two.

In time they both will no longer be in AGs employ.

Write in Jim Hill

Fill in the bubble.


Agreed. Without Adams, Ferrara and his lock-step council, changes is already underway.

I don’t think Harmon and Hill will put with Mr Carmel’s shenanigans for very long.


Oops, changes are…


I noticed Mr. Carmel was not at this weeks council meeting, his assistant was there. Is he seeing the writing on the wall and that his days are numbered?


Not likely.

More likely–still on vacation.


How are HARMON and HILL going to feel about paying anything to an ex employee who QUIT?

See the old Council failed to ACT, and it continues to hurt the City of AG.

How much you like your little pussy Adams now?