Mecham to lead board of supervisors

January 5, 2015
Frank Mecham

Frank Mecham

A new-look San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, with one fresh face and a new chairman, will take effect Monday around noon.

The board will convene at the county government center at 11:55 a.m. for the swearing in of a pair of supervisors. Newly elected supervisor Lynn Compton will replace Caren Ray, whom Compton defeated in November’s election, and Supervisor Bruce Gibson will take the oath of office a third time for his seat on the board.

Gibson is expected to relinquish the chairmanship of the board after a year-and-a-half stint at the helm.

If the board follows its previous rotation, Supervisor Frank Mecham will become chair, and Supervisor Adam Hill will take over the vice-chairmanship. The board has skirted from its rotation on multiple occasions, though.

The possibility of Adam Hill receiving the vice-chair role could also draw some debate. Two years ago, members of regional county boards objected to Hill receiving leadership positions due to rowdy behavior they said he exhibited.

The board vice-chair often becomes chairman in the following year.

Many observers say Compton’s membership of the board will tip the balance from a liberal to conservative majority. Compton, Mecham and Supervisor Debbie Arnold are each registered Republicans.

Mecham has at times, though, cast swing votes supporting Democrats Gibson and Hill.

The board’s first regular meeting of 2015 will take place Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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Watching it on the website makes one think it was already orchestrated in the back room. Mr. Mecham’s true colors will now come out as he will be floating in the middle ground.

Inexcusable on Frank’s part to support an extremist.

My hope is that this new addition to the mix will be like sugar and spice and everything legal.

More like gunpowder and natrium.

This is a know-nothing extremist.

She may keep silent for a time, but bet your life that eventually she’ll blow !

This board is a wait and see board.

Until the votes are cast and Frank has an opportunity to be a conservative again you will not know who Mecham will align with, Bruce and Adam or move back over with Debbie. Then there is Lynn instead of Caren. How will they vote?

It may take 3 – 6 months to see the true pattern. Will this board represent the citizens or expand government?

Well, they are all freshly back from the holiday, nice 5% raise they so quickly gave to themselves. I wonder if this Board will LISTEN to their constituents.


GOOD RIDDANCE CAREN RAY! May politics never see you rear your mug again! pffffff…

Caren’s TT Viewpoint piece from Sun, Jan 4 is a pretty good indicator she wants to remain relevant.

Don’t count her out, she may want to actually win an election before she hangs it up for good.

i pray local scumbag never makes good on such desire.

Among many other issues, I would like to see FIRST if Meacham will observe the rule of law in the public speaking segments, or shut down public comment he doesn’t like, or feels is repetitive or outside his “purview”, as the autocrat Gibson did. Brucie must really hate losing the helm as the presiding officer. He was not up to the job.

Frank and team will roll up their sleeves and finally get some real work done!

Frank’s a good guy ….level headed and fair. He’ll work with all for what’s reasonable, but won’t put up with any nonsense.

The fact that you like Frank really concerns me, given your left-wing leanings. No offense.

Another left wing commie here. I met Frank many years ago and I was impressed. As far as I know I echo Slowerfaster’s comments.

Isn’t this bitchen, two lefties commenting favorably on a repo? It shows we go with the gold, not just any particular dogma. And I will bet many liberals have been horrified by Adam Hill’s behavior at times.

Just maybe both sides of the aisle can work together. Let’s focus on doing the right thing instead of jockeying for power.

Or how about both sides, instead of just working together, work for the people they serve? I, for one, would love to see both parties and their ideological zealots become a thing of the past. Wishful thinking, I know.

I’m very tired of the party system as well, sees like we often get left out. I’ll bet if the pretty conservative folks and so called liberals got together and discussed their hopes and dreams we would find much in common.

I’ve tried that a few times, no t much success to report. My former government of buddy was a lefty, when he couldn’t win the aguement, he would attack my character. So much for that.

Hey Hotdog, it’s bitchin, what, you from the mid-west or whatever?

No offense taken.

It gladdens me that I worry you.

Hill and Gibson….

The County should be embarrassed but with them in the minority sanity may once again come to County Government.