Minor violation led to fatal police chase

January 2, 2015

police chaseA New Year’s Eve police chase, which ended with the accidental death of the suspect, stemmed from the man running a red light, according to the Santa Maria Police Department.

Officers attempted to stop the suspect after he drove through a red light on Betteravia Road around 10:30 p.m. The driver then entered Highway 101 North and reached speeds of 100 mph while fleeing police.

Police called off the chase at Donovan Road because the suspect was reaching speeds of up to 100 mph, but the driver crashed his red Cadillac into a fence while exiting the highway at the Broadway off ramp. The man then left his vehicle, fled across the highway by foot, climbed over the center divider and ran into southbound lanes.

At least three oncoming vehicles struck the fleeing suspect, killing him.

Police have not yet released the name of the man who died.


20 year old identified as Romeio Castillo from Santa Maria.


Sadly a young man in his severe & failling struggle to find his way in this world has died. We say “luckily no one else was injured” yet we hear of the emotional pain and property damage others must now struggle with not to mention his mother who will grieve for eternity.

Of all these clearly evident pieces it amazes me that my fellow humans and posters would take hidden pot shots at this family. I’m ashamed at what the internet has enabled for us all.


It’s a harsh reality, but is the way those with cold hearts and what only can be termed a soul-less ‘philosophy’ have always been.

Many of these express their what must be innate hatred with the seeming mask of anonymity what they might never say in public.

I used to use my true name on other forums before I began receiving death threats and similar violent bludgeons.


Thanks for your honesty Slowerfaster. I think you captured a bit of what I meant in similar fashion. This mask of anonymity that allows us to verbally bludgeon others cannot be good for the AUTHOR and its sure to leave a sour spot in the gut of the intended recipient, right?

Ah well….off to dinner and a sip of evening delights!


Used-to-be’s don’t count anymore

They just lay on the floor

Till we sweep them away…


Sounds like he made bad choices and paid the ultimate price for those choices. Why would someone run from police, drive 100 mph endangering the lives of everyone, crash and flee on foot from a simple red light violation?

Could it be that he had arrest warrants, drugs in the vehicle, was high or drunk at the time, or was he just a good and misunderstood citizen “struggling to find his way in the world” (at over 100 mph)?


We don’t know yet, and neither do you.

He may just have been scared after seeing what other cops have done to unarmed individuals over the past few months. We won’t ever know that now, because we can’t ask the young man.

Could it be that you’re jumping to conclusions ?


slowerfaster…..PLEASE, really? The few times I have been pulled over in my life never once have I thought about some cop hurting me! When you see the lights behind you, it is plain and simple. YOU PULL OVER. 10:30PM, Santa Maria. Enough said!


“Minor violation led to fatal police chase” but was NOT the cause of the young mans death. HE was the cause. He chose to commit the “minor violation.” HE failed to yield to the LEO and be cited. HE ran. He crashed. HE ran into the path of oncoming cars. HE lost his life as a result. HE fortunately did not take anyone else with him as he attempted to evade the police.


possible Darwin Award


I’ll second any nomination.


He’ll have to beat out the young mother killed the other day with her own gun she kept in her purse, shot by her own two-year-old, in a Walmart.


We have three types of people here in America:

1. The sociopaths …what I call the Capitalists with a big “C”.

They’re the Randian lunatics that want to concentrate wealth and power among an elite few, as long as they are among them.

2. The socialists …what I ( and Dr. Samuel Johnson ) call Civilizationalists. I include myself here along with most of the forward-thinkers, innovators, reformers, and respected leaders from the dawn of culture and throughout democratic movements.

3, Those that can’t tell the difference.

This is by far the largest demographic that now exists in America, and the one that propagates the most. “Idiocracy” consummated, only 500 years earlier than imagined.

It is this last group that are the ultimate Darwin Award winners, because they ensure the extinction of the species.


Interesting negatory votes on my post.

I wonder where they fit in my triad of demographics…but I don’t wonder too much.


I might suggest you start frequenting the Huffington Post website, I think you would find your material to be very popular, if that’s what you are looking for. I ve benn banned from the site for making too much right-wing common sense.


Why miss out on all the fun here ?

Besides, I’m popular enough in other venues.