Steve Adams letters released

January 22, 2015
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Former Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams sent a letter to the city last week threatening a lawsuit if the council does not pay him six months severance. The city will meet in closed session on Thursday at 7 p.m. to discuss the threat of litigation.

Following a Sept. 17 Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association vote of no confidence, on Oct. 1 Adams announced his resignation as soon as a replacement was hired.

On Nov. 19, after reviewing the investigation into the alleged sex scandal., the Arroyo Grande City Council voted unanimously to place Adams on paid administrative leave where he remained until last week.

Earlier this month, the city hired interim City Manager Robert McFall. Though the city accepted Adams resignation in September, he was able draw full pay until last week when McFall was hired.

In his letter, Adams says that his resignation was to take place after a permanent and not an interim city manager was hired. He contends that he was terminated on Nov. 19 when placed on paid administrative leave.

He is demanding six months severance including benefits.

Adams is currently 54-years-old and will turn 55 in late 2015. If the council agrees to extend his paid administrative leave and he utilizes his accrued vacation and sick leave, he could greatly increase his monthly retirement package from the city.

Fredersickson Pick LLP Correspondence


Wow, Rex has a lot of time on his hands? Who would have a lot of time on their hands these days?


Hmmm, perhaps someone who just received their final paycheck……..


Too bad Rex didn’t make time to attend the council meeting last night.

Would have been very interesting to see him/her plead their case

for Steve’s rehire in person, and no doubt, Steve would have appreciated more than one person speaking on his behalf.

Rex Quadrovecchio

It is not just a coincidence that those most vociferous attacks accusing Steve Adams of sexual dalliances come from people who are most frustrated with their own personal love lives. Don’t take my word for it, look around and let’s be honest folks. There is some serious and sick psychopathology going on here.


You spend a lot of time looking in a mirror when you compose this dreck don’t you?


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Rex Quadrovecchio

panflash, you are breaking copyright law with this posting. (And it doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the discussion, as well.) I also think the moderator of this site does not welcome this type of cut and paste approach to forum discussion for various reasons.


Since the post included statements as to where the information came from it seems no copyright law is being violated. Did you and Mr. Carmel both read the same “Being an Attorney for Dummies” book?


Hey Rex, don’t quit your day job to become a lobbyist for Steve…he will NEVER be hired back as City Manager….not even as Dog Catcher.

Rex Quadrovecchio

And Abraham Lincoln will never be brought back to life and serve the final years of his second presidential term. But that does NOT make it right to have shot him.


Speak for yourself.

Rex Quadrovecchio

Be honest and ask yourself: What would be the down side of rehiring Steve Adams for Arroyo Grande City Manager? It would sure save the city a heck of a lot money, that’s for sure. But all those outside agitators could not care less about that.. It’s the AG folks who will be paying those huge, stinging new bills for the search and the higher pay that will continue forever. What a racket!

If Jim Hill has any balls whatsoever, is is ready to quit playing the soft-spoken fool who tries to placate everyone, he will be first in line urging the rehire of Steve Adams.

It’s all just simple common sense, and it is also the right thing to do for all those who care about justice.


it might save salary rehiring Steve, but the hidden costs were too huge to ignore, and far outweigh the increased cost of removing him.

Rex Quadrovecchio

Steve Adams is being incredibly gracious, considering the horror done to him under mob rule.

If people wanted to remove Tony Ferrara, they had every opportunity to do so at the polls without having to stir up a witch hunt and deceive so many people as to the goals and motivations of those urging the firing of Steve Adams for the most lowly of political purposes, in cahoots with slimy labor union smear tactics.

Steve Adams was expert and professional in carrying out the orders of the democratically elected officials. His ability to do that has not changed.

The best thing for the citizens of Arroyo Grande, the most morally correct and the most cost effective thing to do would be to let egos deflate and rehire Mr. Adams for A,G, city manager. The city would be darn fortunate if Mr. Adams would be so forgiving and gracious to accept the offer with only minimal raise in pay.


Sorry Teresa…ain’t gonna happen.

Rex Quadrovecchio

A shameful tragedy and miscarriage of justice. If it is not remedied, Arroyo Grande will suffer long and hard and costly. For what? Please explain what would be the downside of REHIRING STEVE ADAMS? Can you make ANY rational argument? Or will you simply use typical lynch mob rhetoric such as sarcasm, insults and not giving the respect to refer to people who post by their proper handle?


Actually, what is most shameful is that he got caught in the arms of another mans wife.

Rex Quadrovecchio

Of course you have absolutely NO PROOF of your accusation. Second of all, there are all kinds of relationships in our society. It is none of YOUR business to make wild and cruel assumptions and pronouncements about these matters that you know little or nothing about. What is it about “witch hunt” do you not appreciate?


Steve admittedly used poor judgment, and it cost him (and his family) dearly.

It is time for the city, and the Adam’s family to move forward.

Steve’s not the only person on the planet qualified to be a city manager, he had a good long run at it here in AG.

Time to move on Rex.


Please! Someone call the Whambulance!


First, if Steve did not have his pants down in a place of work, Ferrera would probably have run unopposed and be in his seat today. This was just the wake up call that the people were being raped by city government.

It was not the first time Steve and Trish had been reprimanded for this behavior, staff under interview said they were aware of a relationship, and geez, even Mr. McClish seemed to have some knowledge of this.



Put the bottle down!


I think Rex Has Been Smoking Something..I’m pinching myself..

Rex Quadrovecchio

Reports are that Steve Adams was a city manager who was effective and carrying out is duties and worked cheap, two things you don’t find very easy, if at all, anymore.

Look at all the disastrous efforts to hire effective management in Oceano, where Jim Hill was suckered repeatedly as taxpayers were ripped off under his nose. They he quit and skipped town.


I realize that Steve Adams did do some good things for the City of AG and was generally a good manager. However, he did make a serious mistake in judgment — one for which at least one other city employee had been fired while he was in charge.

Engaging in what has all the appearances of a sexual dalliance with a subordinate employee is against city policy. Trying to pin the blame cops for a “frameup” under circumstances that make such a conspiracy highly unlikely was a second major mistake. Had he abandoned the relationship when it first came to the attention of Ferrara and others, there may not have been enough outrage to generate more than a letter of reprimand. Had he just owned up to the obvious, when caught by cops checking on his paramour’s whereabouts at the request of her husband, there might still have been a chance for him. But, as is often the case, it is not the action but the following coverup that results in the big penalties.

As for your efforts to badmouth Jim Hill, his efforts were largely unsuccessful because of the opposition of Mayor Ferrara and the board member from Grover Beach. It was a tough learning experience for him as he was not given the information he needed to make good decisions despite requesting it from the former SSLOCSD manager. He quit because he didn’t want to have any responsibility for the mess he was powerless to correct. “Skipping town” from Oceano to AG? What a cheap insult. I am sure there are plenty of good reasons for his move.

Rex Quadrovecchio

Oh yeah? I’d like to hear Jim Hill explain things for himself, instead of his apologists.

But we do agree on something, i.e., Jim Hill being “powerless”. What makes you think his has gotten any more “powerful” since then?

The fact is there is NO PROOF of what the haters are accusing Steve Adams of. You just have to accept that FACT. Too bad you don’t , or don’t have respect for due process. Your words are exactly what you would expect from a member of a lynch mob.

And what exactly is so wrong about a bit of romance in an office or public location? If everyone who ever did so was fired for it, half the people you know would be fired.

Like whats the frickin big deal? It’s really none of your business. You are making crap up when you try to extrapolate/crapolate about all sorts of supposed harm it might have or could do (but didn’t.)

Typical witch hunt: using bogus morality issues as a way of covering up selfish, power hungry, ego driven political strategies.

Arroyo Grande was mugged and the stink of the lies and deceit is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The best remedy: REHIRE STEVE ADAMS


I am not sure that I should go to the trouble to reply to someone with such a warped perspective but I will address one issue at least. If Steve Adams had merely had an illicit affair with someone outside city government, I would not make a big deal about it. It would indeed be none of my business.

The big deal is because the person with whom he “apparently” was having an affair was also a subordinate. There are rules against that and they have been enforced within the AGPD not too long ago. I DO NOT accept that people in higher positions of government should be allowed to violate rules that they enforce for those below them.

Rex Quadrovecchio

What is it about having “NO PROOF” do you not understand or appreciate?

And, would you mind telling us what you would consider the down side to REHIRING STEVE ADAMS?

It would save money, bring competent and experienced management to the city and prevent all kinds of potential lawsuits aimed at restoring a sense of justice to Arroyo Grande politics.




“Arroyo Grande was mugged and the stink of the lies and deceit is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The best remedy: REHIRE STEVE ADAMS”

Use the knife to cut the cord and let him go…….


Wake up and get to know what happened in Arroyo Grande.

Rex Quadrovecchio

It was only about one hundred years ago when the “upstanding citizens” of Arroyo Grande lynched people with nooses hanging from trees. The methods have changed, but the attitudes and motivations are pretty much the same. Steve Adams is the latest victim of selfish, narrow-minded, ignorant, angry, frustrated folks, and creepy political climbers, many of whom came from out of town to savor and cheer on the lynching.


Really? Do you, who constantly ask for proof, have any? Or are these more broad statements pulled out of the darker crevices post cogitatio?

Rex Quadrovecchio

All the proof anyone could expect is in the archives of the South County Historical Society. The Society occupies several historical buildings in the Village of Arroyo Grande, one of which houses a history library and an assortment of locally written history books. Stop by and inquire about Arroyo Grande lynchings. They will be happy to supply with you with literature detailing facts regarding local lynching. And the fact is, that in the late 1800s, in most locales in California, it wasn’t even considered a crime for a U.S citizen to kill a Mexican, a Native American or a Chinese,. Lynchings of those types, and there were MANY throughout the state, were not even reported in newspapers, being so common and accepted by “upstanding citizens”, thus the historic record of lynchings is believed today by historians to reflect only a small fraction of the lynchings other vengeance killings perpetrated over the years.


OK Ross.


People have known for years about Admas and McClish’s behavior.

How they thought they could keep it a secret so long shows how out of touch her is.

Rex Quadrovecchio

By the way, you are wrong once again! I have not “asked for proof.” I simply pointed out that you have none,. Why would I bother to ask you for something I know you don’t have? Get real, please.


Mr. Quadrovecchio (rhymes with Pinnocchio) you are clueless. Steve is not a Victim, the people are victims of how he has been raping the city for personal gain.

I can’t wait to see how our city now will flourish with better leadership (well mostly better, we still have some council seats that need replacing). We shall heal after being dragged through the mud by Mr. Adams and his abuse of power. Let’s heal Arroyo Grande!


I looked up “hubris” in the dictionary and lo and behold there was steve adams picture in place of the definition.



Instead of hiring a law firm to represent you and sending a demand letter to the city you “loved,”an honorable man would have instead, penned a letter to the citizens of Arroyo Grande apologizing for his poor lack of judgement, moral turpitude, and mismanagement of the public’s trust.

Now we are seeing your true colors.

Thanks for nothing.

Rex Quadrovecchio

Would you consider taking the beam from your eye first, please?

Rex Quadrovecchio

Please explain what you mean by “mismanagement of the public’s trust”?

And tell me truly, as it seems to be the case with most of those who go ranting about “moral turpitude”, are you personally sexually frustrated in your life and might possibly be acting from a point of envy or jealousy? Be honest now. Thanks!


If he was indeed “fired” as he stated, then he shouldn’t have been receiving salary via paid administrative leave. Thankfully, I was never fired from a job, but my understanding is that when you are fired, paychecks & benefits stop. Adams’s didn’t. Will he be returning that money (and equivalent benefits value) to the city of AG since he was fired?