Student goes on vandalism spree at Cal Poly

January 20, 2015

cal polyA Cal Poly student is accused of embarking on a vandalism spree that caused approximately $25,000 in damages to the university campus.

Police say that Logan Puleri, 19, left a trail of vandalism across the middle of the campus early Saturday morning. He allegedly damaged the engineering building and shattered a window at the campus bookstore.

Officers received a report of the vandalism from a maintenance worker around 4:30 a.m. They tracked down Puleri and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of felony vandalism.

It is unclear whether alcohol factored into the crime.

Puleri is no longer in jail, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office website.


Have we forgotten that kids make mistakes? We do not know SO much. Is he held to really strict pressure by his parents? Has he ever been diagnosed with a conduct disorder or ADHD? Was it his first experience with alcohol? You people sicken me with your “mob mentality”. Kids make mistakes. He will be held accountable for his actions and will do what the court says. He may even get some anger management in. This kid is a product of his environment. This may be the way his father dealt with frustration. There is an upside: Ted Slanders if off sex…and back on religion….


A mistake is throwing a baseball through a window because you are playing catch too close to it.

$25k in property damage is an intentional destructive act(s) to the property of others. A far cry from a mistake.

The product of his environment had to get about a 4.0 in HS to get admitted to calpoly, so it’s unlikely the parents were all bad.

How do you know he was angry? Maybe he was just having fun.


Sorry. $25,000 worth of damage by someone 19 years old is unacceptable. If he is old enough to go to college, he is old enough to do so without damaging property.


Kick him out of college? That’ll ensure Puleri has a productive future within society. Mistakes are part of the learning process — even the really stupid mistakes. Rather than depriving Puleri of resources he can eventually use to better the world around him, shouldnt the community take a more proactive role in helping this young man learn right from wrong and how to be a more responsible adult? Community service of some form, especially service that involves helping others, has been shown to work wonders. He was in the wrong, but i dont think stripping people of an education and tossing them through the revolving doors of the criminal justice system has proven to be the most viable alternative for teaching them how to solve future problems. These means should be reserved as a last resort.


He’s taking a spot at the college that a non-vandalizing kid could use, Boot his ass out!


i do get your point, but perhaps it would be wiser to increase access to education rather than limit it


I don’t think more Government Education would have helped this little twerp, I’ve a feeling better parents would have.


He had great access to education, and he blew it. Hopefully lesson learned.


Yeah, and the kids that run to Iraq or Syria to join ISIL are making a mistake too. So are the kids who join gangs (including skinhead types) and attack everyone who looks at them “wrong.” There are mistakes and there are MISTAKES. Society has to set a limit on tolerance and (short-term) forgiveness or the worst kids will not stop and will run wild with no fear of consequences.

I can think of only one excuse for a mistake of this magnitude that would make me want to even slightly reduce the consequences. That is if he took one of the “synthetic drugs” known as spice or a similarly nasty hallucinogen which totally changes personality while under the influence. He should still face harsh consequences but maybe the length of it could be mitigated subject to rehab, restitution and probation if this is the case.


Then why dont we just kill them all? Isn’t that more rational than leaving a problem to fester? A truly rational society would either find some use for these kids or put them down so they dont create more problems in the future.

Oh, and be careful about what option you choose. You don’t want to become part of the problem.


Affluenza defense?


Tough to explain to your parents when you get an “F” in college. Logan just got the worst kind of “F” – for felony. Good luck with that one, son.


Logan’s Run.


Just in case you are wondering what this kid looks like


This guy blew it. Did he think he is a football or basketball star at a division 1 school? I’ll bet his grades suck and he was taking it out on the school. If he was a star he wouldn’t have to attend classes or worry about getting arrested for doing something this dumb.

Thief, cheater, rapist and all around bad guy Jamis Winston is expected to go number 1 in the pro football draft.

People-prioritize who you look up. It’s not athletes or celebrities.


Since he gets to remain on his parents insurance till he’s 26, let’s hope they’re still legally responsible for him with respect to this.

Something tells me this isn’t his first run in.


Once Puleri has been convicted of this vandalism charge he should be expelled from the University. This is one lesson that no class room at Cal Poly could teach him, just life. Good luck in your future.

Ted Slanders

“Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)

I know that I am speaking for all true Christians in that we cannot wait to see what our Hebrew God’s wrath will be upon Logan Puleri because of his wanton vandalism!

Fellow Christians, any guesses of what our version of God will do to this minion of Satan?


lightning strike?

Ted Slanders

Good call, Garth!