Teen shot in Santa Maria

January 15, 2015

gunA 16-year-old young man suffered a gunshot wound Wednesday afternoon in Santa Maria. [KSBY]

The shooting occurred around 4:50 p.m. in the 1600 block of North Pine Street. The teen suffered a single wound and received treatment in a local hospital.

Santa Maria police responded to reports of multiple gunshots at the scene. Officers have not yet determined whether the shooting was gang related.

Detectives have not identified any suspects, either. They are currently pursuing several leads.


I recall hearing of shots fired in that area earlier in the day. May have been payback time!


Description of the suspects? Why filter/censor this information from the news?


exempted from the news because he’s Juvenile 16 years old, KSBY isn’t saying


BOTH suspect AND victim are juveniles?


click on the link provided ksby may have updated the story if you find out let us know


nobody knows we will wait and see


The usual suspects?


Who needs South Central LA when SM is so close


Will there be marching? Will there be outrage? Oh wait, it wasn’t a police officer who did the shooting. It’s OK with the left.

Rich in MB

Gang related or innocent youth?


Great question!!! Luv it. Is Santa Maria a ghetto, or a rich, vibrant, multicultural community?