Are visitors safe inside motel rooms?

January 6, 2015

Felipe Martinez Gallegos

A 31-year-old man allegedly broke into a Santa Barbara motel room and sexually assaulted a female tourist. [KSBY]

At about 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, Felipe Martinez Gallegos allegedly used a key that was not returned from a previous stay at the motel to enter a 52-year-old woman’s room. Gallegos then confronted the victim, sexually assaulted her and stopped her from using her cell phone to call for help.

The suspect then ran away, but police later caught him and arrested him. Officers booked Gallegos in Santa Barbara County Jail on $1 million bail.

Police have not identified the hotel where the alleged assault occurred, but they say it is located in the 100 block of West Cabrillo Avenue.

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It’s seems as thought 9 of every 10 perps on the central coast is a Mexican male. Is this racism, fact, or coincidence.


Doesn’t speak well for the Hispanic crowd. Begs the question, citizens or illegal?

One is not allowed to profile, regardless of the benefits to law enforcement and safety.


It’s the culture with this race. I posted something very provocative the other day about the Mexican [Hispanic man for you PC’ers] that killed his own child. It didn’t get posted. Probably because it was too PC. Even for CCN. Which I had come to believe was a ground breaking TRUTH media source. Having said that, I don’t expect to see this post either.

So…let me try another approach. And not that this applies to this heinous person. But to the world at large.

1. We teach our children early on that we have “evolved” from animals. For those who are the “enlightened” left, and because I don’t want to spend much time on this, I’ll copy this link from The antichrists and the left will enjoy.

2. We don’t teach Creationism by the Creator Himself, God. [the opposite of evolution, prepared by man], We take Prayer and the Ten Commandments out of schools and the public square due to a very small minority. [Minorities are given so much news].

And what do we have? Animalistic behavior. Murder or be murdered. No sense of what is right or what is wrong. Mad at someone? Murder. Don’t like someone? Murder. Getting a divorce and you don’t like it? Murder. Wanting to get back at your ex? Murder. Don’t want that baby? Murder.


Hebraic Insight…

The Jewish sages note that the word “ratsakh” applies only to illegal killing (e.g., premeditated murder or manslaughter) — and is never used in the administration of justice or for killing in war. Hence the KJV translation as “thou shalt not kill” is too broad.

Since man is made in the image of God, his life is infinitely precious — only God Himself has the right to give and take life. In the Mishnah it is written, “Why was only one man (i.e., Adam) created by God? — to teach that whoever takes a single life destroys thereby a whole world.”

But murder can be figurative as well as literal. The Talmud notes that shaming another publicly is like murder, since the shame causes the blood to leave the face. Moreover, gossip or slander are considered murderous to the dignity of man. The Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) states, “The evil tongue slays three persons: the utterer of the evil, the listener, and the one spoken about…” The Lord Jesus also linked the ideas of our words and attitudes with murder (see Matt. 15:19).

I beg the question from those of you who refer to themselves as “enlightened”. Those who are so much “smarter” because of their “enlightenment”. Why are we as a race of one…Human Beings…..Suffering at the hands of those whom have been taught what you have come to believe and now has spread like a cancer to the rest of the body?

Why if you are so enlightened and know what is best for all, has become such calamity for all?

oh do go on!

When you make your reservations, always make sure to ask for a room on the rapist-proof side of the building.

There are safer lock systems in hotels where the lock uses a card and re-calibrates after check out. There are also inside security locks. Rapists are everywhere in our society. It is up to us to create barriers and boundaries that keep them out and us safe. There will be times that cannot be done, but as often as we can, we need to take protective action. Like not staying alone in hotels that do not have recalibrating locks and indoor safety latches.

Careful there, you are very close to “blaming the victim” when you mention inside security locks; sure that lock should have stopped him from entering the room, but realistically, the room key should have NOT worked, unless this was an older hotel that has not upgraded to a key-card system that is reset every day unless a guest is staying longer. My guess here is that the hotel is somewhat culpable in not providing a secure lock for the female guest. There are other circumstances that might have contributed to this criminal gaining access back into a room he had just occupied as well, like removing the interior safety catch; regardless, if there is any way the hotel could have help prevent this attack from occurring, they should have stepped up and done so.

Good luck to the victim, I do hope she gets all the help she needs to recover from this attack.

Bob, I checked out the location on Google Maps. It looks like a reasonably upscale area as far as costs for motels go. I don’t know…maybe it’s just me…or it could be his orange jumpsuit that changes his appearance, but Felipe Martinez Gallegos just doesn’t look like the kinda guy that would have the bucks to stay in such a place and then keep a key. Most likely he found a key that had not been turned back in to the office. However, the motel should have given the woman newly recalibrated key.

I agree, it is close to blaming the victim. However, on first read, I thought it was rightfully blaming the hotels who don’t have recalibrated “locks” and back-up mechanical locks available.

I am betting hotels won’t include these features until the amount of money they have lost secondary to lawsuits is greater than the amount of money they lose secondary to rapes.

And one can just BET that this is his first felony offense in our state. NOT.

That must have been a life-changing terror assault. When I lived in Venice Beach my girlfriend was a rape and assault crisis counselor on 24 hour call. She spent lots of time away from the home, on her volunteer job. The anonymous summaries of impacts which she shared with me were huge. One sometimes briefly wanted to drop the hammer on some of the perps.

Book ’em, Danno. Hope this one is discovered non responsive in his cell. AFTER 18 years in Folsom.