Atascadero man busted for bad drug batch

February 25, 2015
Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson

An Atascadero man who attends Wesleyan University in Connecticut is one of four students facing charges in connection with a batch of the party drug Molly that sent 12 people to the hospital. [LA Times]

Andrew Olson, 20, faces two counts of possession of a hallucinogen and one count of sale of a hallucinogen. The university has suspended Olson, as well as the other three suspects, Wesleyan President Michael S. Roth announced Tuesday.

“None of us want to see arrests on our campus, but even less do we want to see ambulances rushing from our residences with students whose lives are in danger,” Roth said in a statement.

Ten students and two visitors went to the hospital over the weekend after taking the Molly. Two remained in the hospital Tuesday night, according to the university.

Some of the victims are believed to have taken the drug at a rave on Saturday night.

Authorities were holding Olson in jail on $150,000 bail. Multiple media sources have reported that the Atascadero man has posted bond and is due in court on March 3.

Two of the other students arrested are from Maryland. One is from Rio de Janeiro.

Police are still investigating the case. Detectives are trying to determine how exactly the Molly batch was cooked and distributed.


This is a pretty widely touted story…..I saw it in the LA Times and on other sites as well. They mention the word “Atascadero” over and over….


I am not convinced our colleges and universities are providing ” higher education”.


We always have to have someone to blame for our own bad decisions…….after 20 years of lawyers winning people money and liberals reinforcing victimology, here we are…..


Once again SLOw county leads the national news cycle.


Nice work Andrew. Small town boy does what he can to get home quick!


Get home quick?

I for one would love for CT to keep him for a good, long time.


Can’t help but dissect the University President’s statement – “None of us want to see arrests on our campus but even less do we want to see ambulances…”

It’s almost as if he is apologizing for the police involvement on his liberal haven.

I guess drug manufacturing and ingestion are OK at Wesleyan until students get poisoned.


Liberal, shmimeral. Ever dissected the statements of our own Jeff Armstrong on sexual assault and drug dealing on our local right-wing “haven”? CP frat brats get caught dealing drugs, too. The hypocritical thing about all this is attributing drug dealing and ingestion to political coloration of dealers/users. It’s universal, bub.


How is allowing people to make their own choices and requiring them to do their own due diligence a “liberal” idea. The Republicans and Democrats have really distorted our notions of what the definition of liberal and conservative are. This kid was a bad actor on the free market, and that is all.