Child enters the world in Salinas Wal-Mart bathroom

February 9, 2015

wal-martSalinas baby Asali Asante Robins exited her mother’s womb, not in a hospital bed, rather on the floor of a Wal-Mart bathroom. [Californian]

Wal-Mart employee Rosaline Madrid, 38, gave birth to Asali late last month after feeling leg pain at work. Madrid said during a press conference Thursday that she was used to working two jobs and merely thought she was tired from being on her feet.

Asali weighed only 1 pound and 14 ounces at birth, but Madrid says the baby is doing well. She is breathing, feeding and having normal bodily functions.

Madrid is unsure how far along she was in her pregnancy when she gave birth. Registered nurse Letty Rubalcava estimated that Madrid was at about 26 weeks.

Rubalcava, who worked 10 years as a hospital delivery nurse, delivered Asali in the Wal-Mart bathroom. Asali is one of about 500 babies Rubalcava has helped deliver.

In 2013, four mothers gave birth in U.S. Wal-Marts, Time Magazine reported.

Though not in Wal-Mart, Rubalcava had given birth twice previously. Her two other children, though, are in their early 20s.

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I feel really bad for this woman, and really glad there was a trained nurse nearby to help.

K-Mart would have given a better price

Sorry, but this is a sad story of two ignorant people who shouldn’t be trying to have babies. The mother is 38 (nearing the end of her reproductive life) and already has two grown children of her own. But she and her “boyfriend” who also works at Walmart decided to try for children. She had one miscarriage, but they tried again and now they have a micro premature child (the statistics show that 25 % of these children will have major medical problems and 50% will have other problems with learning disabilities , etc.).

Of course, this couple won’t be paying for anything–like the 3 months in the hospital and who knows if they will be able to truly care for the child when she leaves the hospital or if the boyfriend father will even stick around.

Very sad circumstances for this child.

As if childbirth wasn’t trying enough being at a WallyMart, Rosaline Madrid had to look forward to pain along with it because of Eve giving us the Original Sin scenario.

Because of Eve transgressing against our Hebrew Christian God in the Garden of Eden, our God made sure that ALL women subsequently were to pay with pain during child birth. This is of course barring the fact that the husband is to rule over the wife as well.

“To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16)

Congratulations Rosaline Madrid!

I think Wal Mart is on to something, forget offering vetenary clinics and go directily to competing with the over crowed medical clinics. All they’ll need are board certified MD’s on staff, for self imposed customer safety, then start tweeking their floor plan for scheduled general practice offerings. Sorry to see it go this way but the industry has allowed the need for other options. Maybe Target can offer a surgery center?

Not sure why we’d have to worry about Board Certified MD’s on staff, this is WalMart after all.

I see the basis for a new TV reality show being born here. They’ll have to beef up those changing tables though.

QUICK, somebody find that ADA vexatious lawyer, SUE Wal-Mart for not having a stirrup rig in each women’s restroom for birthing purposes ! The heartless bastards will do anything to shave a buck here and there by underequipping rest rooms.

Do we sue for $ 4,000 per WAL MART, or $ 4,000 per women’s rest room ? $ 4,000 per stall? Somebody help me out here.

you are lame but you are funny

They just need a pull down delivery station like they have diaper changing stations.

And look who saved the day, A nurse. Surprise surprise. Hopefully that nurse prevented or reduced the amount of brain damage and long term health complications, though that is doubtful.

This is probably going to be a 2 million dollar baby by the time this kid is hooked up to all kinds of services. The kid will get SSI too, as the baby is less than 30 weeks and parents are low income walmart employees.