Paso Robles man arrested for murder

March 14, 2015
Thomas Nolan Yanaga

Thomas Nolan Yanaga

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Paso Robles man for the alleged murder of an Atascadero man in unincorporated Paso Robles early Saturday morning.

Deputies booked Thomas Nolan Yanaga, 52, into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges

Marshall Chandler Savoy

Marshall Chandler Savoy

that he murdered Marshall Chandler Savoy, 32, of Atascadero. He is being held without bail, according to the jail website.

Shortly after midnight, sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of shots fired at a home on the 400 block of Gahan Place. Deputies arrived to find Savoy’s body in the driveway.

A man, a woman and their teenage son were inside the house at the time of the shooting, according to a sheriff’s office news release. Though deputies are not confirming if Yanaga lives in the home, there are only two houses on the 400 block of Gahan Place, and county records list Yanaga as living in one of them.


Marshall and his brothers Jet and Dillion framed some houses and condo’s for me around 2006 and 2007. I always enjoyed working with them. They worked hard and did the job right, good boys all 3 of them!


geez-us people, enough with the bashing and ASSuming already; What if this was your family? You want to bash Marshall for what you think you know about him but dont bash Tommy for shooting an unarmed man?? WTF is wrong with you? God forbid you should ever be on a jury. Screw that you prob want to make Tommy a hero for ridding the earth of another ex-con. Disgusting behavior from some of you commenting. Dont judge the clothes he has on, unless he is wearing a catholic priests robe, cuz you all know what those losers do. Oh wait I take that back, I dont know the truth about that either. Everyone makes mistakes big and small. If you say you havent, well liar liar pants on fire. Do you really want to be in line at the grocery store and be talking about him like this, not knowing a family member or friend of his is standing behind you? Cuz you know all of his friends and family must be just ‘like’ him, you know drug addicts ex cons blah blah blah. You judgemental pricks really annoy me. I for one would love to be standing behind you if you were talking about what you think you know or assume. Yeah this rant of mine might not flow properly but I couldnt care less.

OH one more thing……would ya leave the man in black out of this?? you are disrespecting him


Everyone has a past of some kind, some are just unfortunate to get caught. But when someone learns from those mistakes and makes a better life for themselves, is it right to condemn them for their past mistakes

forever? Why do we rush to assume this is a drug deal gone wrong? Or a home invasion? Or that the person who was killed obviously deserved what he got because we stereotype his character as one who deserves to die? Who cares if this man looks like Johnny Cash? This man was beating up his wife inside the home when Marshall came in to stop him from doing so. There was a heated argument between the two when they decided to take their fight outside. Marshall walked out first, and Tommy picked up his gun walked outside and shot Marshall, who was unarmed 3 times. Marshall didn’t deserve to die. He was trying to protect this man’s wife who obviously chooses to stay in the abusive relationship because this wasn’t her first beating. The phone call to 911 was made to look like Marshall was an intruder to save Tommy’s butt. I just pray that Tommy’s wife does the right thing and tells the truth in court so that Marshall’s family can have justice. How devastating for two little girls who had to be told their father is dead. Tommy Yanaga you are a sick man who doesn’t deserve to see the outside of a prison for the rest of your life.


So…the question is…. WHY was Marshall at Tommy’s house?.. Did they know each other?


Lawman1….yes they knew each other, Marshall’s girlfriend lives there, not just a man, his wife, and a kid.


4thetruth, I am Marshall’s sister. It’s eating away at me to know the ENTIRE story of what happened and why. I know my brother was innocent and just visiting a girl, but I didn’t know why him and this awful man got into an argument. How do you know the information you shared about him stopping this man from beating his wife??


Pretty cold blooded to shoot a man, leave his body in your driveway and go back inside and pour yourself another beer and hang with the family waiting for the cops to get the call.

I think I would be so scared that i’d run even if I didn’t do it.



You could have made it BIG in Vegas. Spitting image of Johnny Cash.

Johnny had his demons early on. He prevailed though, because he gave his life to Jesus Christ. His, [our] Lord and Savior.

Won’t you?



Yes, and if everybody on the whole block had been armed to the teeth, this might have never happened….AMEN! BTW, This IS sarcasm for all you gun totin’ Jesus freaks out there…….


When I first saw his mugshot, the words “I shot a man just to see him die…” went through my brain.

Kevin Rice

In and out of prison, and still doing dope? The guy had two little girls, now he is gone. He was the master of his own demise. Marshall needed to grow up years ago. He was a violent man, and I would not be surprised if the element of self defense arises. I feel sorrow for his survivors.


Not the type of people I would want in my neighborhood.


Hey slotime…you need to keep your mouth shut. He had a past learned from those mistakes. No reason to get shot and killed! Don’t comment shit unless you know Marshall. He was the most loyal dude you would want to call your friend.


You are right about not needing to be shot and killed; unless he was intending harm on someone else. I watched Marshall once attack a man, get his butt kicked, fight with the police, kick windows out of a police car….all while on parole from prison. No I didn’t know his good side. All I know is what I saw. It is really to bad a life is lost.


Easy to speculate when you are already judging the man. He may have had a temper but he wasn’t in and out of prison. He made mistakes, who hasn’t? Secondly, he was trying to do right by his little girls. He was trying to live a good life. It hasn’t been reported why he was there, and why he was killed. We don’t know if he was there for drugs, prescription or otherwise. All we know is that someone was killed, and a lot of lives were affected. RIP young man, and may God bless and comfort your family,


Remember, we are a long ways from having the complete story. This may well be a righteous case of self defense where the perp was shot in the house and stumbled outside and died in the driveway. Then again, it may be murder if the perp has a couple of bullet holes in his back.

Until we have the details, it’s all nothing but speculation.


Precription drug deal gone bad….tommy use to be a well known business man, now a well known dealer..


That’s what I figured but I had the roles reversed (total profiling mistake on my part) until I read the Facebook pages and it started to become clearer that Marshall had been working hard to move ahead and take care of business the right way with a good attitude.


Starting to make more sense now…


Seems pretty dumb to sh*t where you sleep though, shooting a man in your own driveway where your family lives when you’re dealing.

Downtown Bob

That is really smart thinking Matt, would have been way smarter to….wait a minute it would have been much better to not commit crimes like this in the first place no matter where you sleep.