Knife wielding Grover Beach man robs SLO motel

March 14, 2015
Joe Sigala

Joe Sigala

A Grover Beach armed with a knife allegedly robbed the Best Western Motel on Madonna Avenue on Friday.

Shortly before noon, Joe Sigala, 40, entered the motel and confronted employees in the lobby with a knife, police said. He then snatched a master key from one of the employees and entered an unoccupied room before smashing a sliding glass door.

He left the room and continued through the motel before he was confronted by an officer at gunpoint toward the rear parking lot. The officer ordered Sigala to drop the knife and get on the ground, which he did.

The officer arrested Sigala and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of robbery, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon and drug possession. Bail was set at $60,000.


as much as I get your point, most of that decision depends on the guy with the knife.


So, it is possible for a LEO to face an attacker with a knife and not shoot him dead; good job SLO PD!


A knife is a deadly weapon .deadly force is ok to use, by a cop or citizen, to overcome someone with a deadly weapon.

Its up to the perp whether he lives or dies. If the guy drops the knife and gets face down on the pavement, he lives to see trial. If he doesn’t and continues to pose a risk to the cop and the general public, he will have some lead enter his body.


Sounds good to me.


Compliance = no need to fire a shot.


Yup, I bet the perp is a real asset to our society.