Paso Robles stench coming from Firestone Brewery

March 16, 2015

firestoneA foul smell in southern Paso Robles is coming from Firestone Walker Brewery’s newly installed wastewater pools. The recently installed wastewater ponds were not working properly. [Paso Robles Daily News]

Firestone is working with an engineer and a wastewater consultant, to correct the issue at the pond located behind the brewery.

Adam Firestone and David Walker released the following statement regarding the issue:

The aromas from our wastewater treatment ponds are neither new nor permanent, but have become more pronounced in recent days due to shifting wind currents. We have expressed apologies to our neighbors, and appreciate their patience as we mitigate the issue.

Some points:

• Our local on-site wastewater treatment is mandated by state law, and ponds like ours are the most effective method of treatment. They are plumbed so that they can send clean water back to the city to help its plant function better, or the water can be kept and reused at the brewery.

• Our ponds contain nothing hazardous (sewage is sent directly to the city treatment center, and is not part of the pond mix). The ponds simply consist of rinse water from beer tanks. This rinse water has yeast and grain particles that can produce composting aromas.

• The aromas are temporary. New ponds take time to fill, so that the chemistry can synergize with the development of beneficial digesting bacteria. This is a process common to all such ponds.

• Once the biology settles in, the ponds become fully functional and more aroma neutral. Unfortunately, this takes filling them completely, which we are doing as fast as possible in the face of production limits and limited rainfall. We are hoping for more rainfall to help accelerate the timeline.

• We began filling the ponds a few months ago, but recently southerly and easterly winds have pushed the aromas toward Ramada drive, making them more noticeable to our neighbors.

Please know that we are doing everything possible to mitigate this issue, and to complete the filling of the ponds as soon as possible. We are in touch with all of the relevant local agencies to ensure that everyone is informed about our progress. We have a team of engineering experts working with us to accelerate the timeline and neutralize the aromas as quickly as possible. Again, this is a temporary situation on the path to creating a progressive solution for wastewater treatment and water conservation at the brewery, one that will also benefit the City. We appreciate everyone’s understanding.


The managers and owners should have to sleep at the brewery with the stink until it gets fixed. Producing such obnoxious odors is a violation of their permits and California law. They must fix the problem or shut down.


Must be the 805.


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Gosh, I was hoping that we would see a hate campaign on Facebook and Twitter by the Environ-Nuts, and drive these evil one-percenters out of business.

But it looks like they have confused the issue with common sense.

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What aromas will these jokers waft over the San Luis Drive neighborhood in SLO after completing their “stinking” motel?


I like the Kona Brewing Company…Longboard Island Lager…Yummy!

I sure hope The folks in Los Osos and Morro Bay are reading this story. Smelly wastewater pools. Yikes!

Mr. Holly

Tony Ferrara is not in the consulting business. Between and Wallace I’m sure that they would be able to fix the problem,


I hear Tony Ferrara IS now in the consulting business.

Apparently he learned enough during his dealings with Wallace to take a stab at what has been a very lucrative business.


Quick! Hire Wallace to deal with the problem….



Whatever you do, DON’T hire Wallace Group!


Now that’s a very good response- I’ll have in IPA!



Aroma? When I think of the word aroma” I think of “The Aroma of coffee” or “The Aroma of chocolate” never the unbearable stench of anything. Get real, it’s a stink or bad smell, not an “Aroma”….I really feel sorry for the neighbors! Can you imagine trying to have a family BBQ on a hot day and having to deal with the “Aroma” or rotting yeast? Those poor neighbors!!