Ten arrested in California school sex case

March 16, 2015

5986_0_1168_0_0Los Angeles police arrested 10 male Venice High School students who are accused of sexual assaulting two female students. [KTLA]

Police are still searching for four students from a group of 14 boys who allegedly pressured the two girls into sexual acts, including forced oral copulation. The suspects, who range in age from 14 to 17, allegedly made verbal threats regarding the victims’ reputations.

“Some of these were forced sexual acts — sexual assaults,” Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith told reporters. “Others were consensual with individuals who are too young to give consent.”

Officers made eight of the arrests at the high school on Friday. Investigators say the sex acts occurred both on and off-campus and date back to Dec. 2013.

Detectives have reportedly found explicit pictures and videos of the victims. Some of the explicit images reportedly circulated on social media.

Most, if not all, of the suspects are believed to be Venice High School football players.

A member of the football team who identified himself as Ben told KTLA that the girls wanted to mess around with campus jocks to be popular. Then the girls decided to make waves when the campus glare became unflattering, Ben claimed.

Los Angeles Unified School District officials described the arrests as a painful moment and said that sexual misconduct will never be tolerated. The district indicated that it would send crisis counselors to the school to help distressed students.



  1. Ben Daho says:

    Christians? Lol. Where was god when the girls were on their Knees?

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    • Stunned says:

      Ben – Does your god prevent you from doing wrong?

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  2. Rich in MB says:

    We sexualized the culture, said anything goes as long as it feels good…do it.
    Then we are shocked and surprised?
    No…what you sow you will reap.

    (13) 25 Total Votes - 19 up - 6 down
    • isoslo says:

      Spot on Rich, music, television, movies, internet and even school teachings have brought us to this place in time. No one should be very surprised it is happening more and more. Our leaders have few morals and less integrity. Think about the fictional separation of church and state, the fewer christian values our society endorses the lower our standards. We are not replacing those lost Christian values with any values at all. Maybe the Muslim values will take over our society, i wonder what those will be?

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    • mkaney says:

      Oh Jesus you people are delusional. This little imaginary world of morality that you imagine once existed, never did. This is how it’s been since the dawn of time.

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      • mkaney says:

        The only actual thing that CHANGED was what they allowed on television and in media…

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      • sydneyray says:

        Last time I checked, coercing someone into sex acts and/or assaulting a minor is NOT what the movement of the 60s and 70s stood for! Sexual liberation means women shouldn’t be called derogatory names for using birth control methods or engaging in premarital intercourse. If you don’t agree, don’t engage in it – that’s okay. But that’s a far cry from using threats to get someone to sleep with you, and from my understanding of history, not what the hippie movement & summer of love were in favor of at all. By the way, victims typically report that rape doesn’t “feel good” @Rich in MB.

        Furthermore, these kids weren’t even alive when the sexual revolution took place. So it’s a bit unfair to throw the whole “society called for change, this is your consequence” argument in the face of victimized youngsters who weren’t even involved in all of that.

        How about we address some serious issues like what to do with sociopaths and sex offenders, how to teach college-aged adults what constitutes a consensual relation, and common expectations of respect for another person?

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        • Rich in MB says:

          Will Dan Dow persecute or not….since he’s now the King…what say Dan?

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    • Rambunctious says:

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  3. Ted Slanders says:

    We true Christians can gain solace in knowing first-hand that these football players will not be going to our 1400 square mile Heaven!

    “For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous, has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.” (Ephesians 5:5)

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    • aft50s says:

      I find it interesting that Ted seems to always chime in on anything having to do with sexual crimes and/or teachers-why is that Ted?

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      • the guy paso says:

        Looks like Ted is hiding under his Bible

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    • ml1999 says:

      Have they reported that it was football players? I’ll I’ve read is that the school has gang problems, and is 2/3 Latino. I saw someone guess that a few of the missing 4 might have escaped back to Mexico.

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      • mkaney says:

        Seriously you people need to lay off the racist koolaid. This has happened quite frequently in schools all across the country, with students of every race. There are dozens of stories like this.


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        • Rich in MB says:

          Thanks for making us all feel better because this is happening all around the Country….classic excuse….Clinton talked an intern into a BJ and now its all ok. Truly sick thinking.

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    • SandyK says:

      With the “one mistake, and their goose is cooked” mentality, they might as well just be bad from now on ’cause they’re already screwed.

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