SLO council backs e-cigarette ban

March 4, 2015

sloThe San Luis Obispo City Council has unanimously endorsed a proposal to ban the use of e-cigarettes in most public places. [Tribune]

On a 5-0 vote, the council passed the first reading of an ordinance that calls for extending the city’s existing smoking ban to the use of e-cigarettes. The proposal would also require retailers to obtain a tobacco sales license in order to sell e-cigarettes in the city.

Additionally, the council moved to ban the use of e-cigarettes inside businesses that sell them. The ordinance is expected to return to the council in two weeks for a final vote of approval.

San Luis Obispo is now slated to become the first city in the county to place a ban on e-cigarette use. Santa Maria did so last year, and more than 40 cities and counties in California have enacted similar ordinances.

In January, the California Department of Public Health released a report stating e-cigarettes contain at least ten chemicals that are known to cause cancer or birth defects. Prior to the release of the report, Democratic Senator Mark Leno introduced a bill that would ban the use of e-cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited.

San Luis Obispo’s current smoking ban applies to sidewalks, parking garages, bars, restaurants, stores, stadiums, playgrounds and bus stops.

Opponents of the new ordinance argue that vaporizing helps people break their addiction to traditional cigarettes and does not pose similar health risks. Some also say that the ordinance will harm local business.

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So …….what are they going to ban next – marijuana? What nerve!

“The proposal would also require retailers to obtain a tobacco sales license in order to sell e-cigarettes in the city.”

Government wants its “revenue” from all possible sources. Sales tax – not enough. Now these places need to pay the licensing fee. It’s all about the money. Always is.

Of course, almost all who sell e cigs also sell the real thing, so this is not an actual issue, only an ideological one.

Most, but not all.

Don’t forget the government revenue from all of those pesky citations that they will be writing.

According to the Tribune there were 189 citations written last year for violation of the smoking ordinance. Expect that number and the fines received to increase significantly. Maybe our local government will be able to appoint a Vaping Czar at $150k/year.

Oooh, the big, bad city council is going after our “freedoms” again …

or, at least in the minds of most of the commentators posting here so far. Never mind the science, the “facts” that plainly state the “vapor” exhaled contains known cancer causing ingredients. If I am around a traditional smoker, I can see the cloud of cigarette smoke and avoid it if I am concerned about my health. When a person exhales the vapor of an e-cigarette, the vapor itself evaporates rather quickly, but the microscopic particles that contain those cancer causing agents are invisible and I really have no idea how to avoid inhaling them myself.

I am glad that the city council took this stand to protect the health of the citizens of our city. I also think that requiring the same permits as regular tobacco merchants will help regulate the sales of these products, including making sure there are no sales to minors, especially since some of the vaping products seem designed to appeal to children.

Ya…that’s it Bob, bow down to the Lords of control.

Just wait until you wake up and find your favorite vice on the chopping block.

Yeah Rich, I am quite literally shaking in my boots that they are going to somehow regulate and/or tax the food that I eat (too much of, on occasion).

I really don’t have the time or the money to spend on “vices” …

TaxMeAgain Please do not post huge blocks of text from other web sites, an excerpt and link is fine.

Welcome to the one of the “Happiest Cities in America”, just leave your e-cigs at the city limits.

Don’t miss this little statement, “require retailers to obtain a tobacco sales license in order to sell e-cigarettes in the city”, in other words cha-ching goes the “General Fund” or in others words thanks for the city employees salary, benefit and pension increases, and I see another Christmas, sorry I mean “Holiday” bonus coming this year.

Why miss out on yet another opportunity to require another permit or license?

Big brother gone bad.

One more hypocrisy. Will they go after all the employees that smoke outside the county building?

ya that’s it….

go get them evil SOBs vaping away on our public sidewalks bars and restaurants.

But maybe if you do it as a homeless guy they will give you a pass?