Burglar allegedly follows drunken woman home in SLO

April 20, 2015

burglarSan Luis Obispo police are searching for a man who allegedly walked an intoxicated woman into her home and then, an hour later, appeared inside another person’s house.

Shortly after 2:30 a.m. Saturday, a taxi driver dropped off the woman in the 900 block of Peach Street. A man then came up to the woman and walked her into her home, according to a police department new release.

At the time, the cab driver was watching to make sure the intoxicated female got home. The driver reported hearing the woman scream after the man entered her house.

The taxi driver then ran to the door, pounded on it and briefly came face to face with the burglar. The suspect then fled the area.

Police say the burglar apparently did not assault the woman.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m., a resident in the 100 block of Verde Drive found a man in his home. The suspect drove off after he was spotted.

Witnesses of the Peach Street burglary described the suspect as a 5 feet 10 inches tall white male who was wearing a “CHP” logo and was possibly mute.

Following the Verde Drive incident, officers were told that the suspect was a tall white male with a large build and a “CHP” logo hat. The burglar was also described as having brown or red curly hair, an orange zip-up jacket and tan or beige corduroy pants.

The suspect allegedly drove away in a light colored sedan.

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A little bit of pepper spray goes a long way. Bad move letting a stranger escort you to the door. She should have RAN straight back to the taxi and called 911.

Kevin – I don’t think it would be a stretch to assume that due to her intoxication she lost her ability to reason so “should have ran” was probably a cloudy conclusion, right?

Bear repellant is stronger, aim for the face and eyes!

I hope we can give the taxi driver a huge reward for courage and basic decency. If someone can get the information, please post it on the website.

I’m glad the lady wasn’t victimized by this creep. Ladies, please realize that SLO is not Disneyland without the fences. While we have a reasonably safe community, there are some very dangerous guys running around. I found Rachel Newhouse’s blood on the railroad bridge after she was abducted by Rex Krebs. I reported it to the SLO PD but hey ignored my report. They came back several days later to actually take samples. But, by then she was long gone.

You must take responsibility for your own safety.

San Luis PD and Cal Poly should post Rex Kreb’s picture all around Campus along with a short story that goes with it. New students should see that predators are always lurking and that the devil is alive and well in San Luis County. His story seems to keep repeating itself.

BTW, there’s no such thing as “the devil”. :-)

The article keeps saying “burglar”, but is that an assumption?

A woman on her own at 2:30 on a Friday night is dangerous.

Always ask a driver to make sure you get inside safely.

Remember Kristen Smart the missing student from Cal Poly?

That case has never been solved, it’s been 18 years of so.