Cal Poly frats and sororities get off probation

April 20, 2015

calpolyCal Poly officials have put an end to a three-month probationary period that barred fraternities and sororities from hosting social gatherings. [KSBY]

University administrators placed the entire Greek system on social probation in January, shortly after a sexual assault allegation surfaced. The incident was the third sexual assault alleged to have occurred at a Cal Poly fraternity house in a span of less than three months.

In placing the fraternities and sororities on probation, administrators also noted reports of underage students becoming extremely intoxicated at gatherings hosted by members of Greek groups. The university demanded that the Greek community come up with a plan to end the unsanctioned behavior.

Fraternity and sorority leaders responded with a plan titled “Students Taking Action Towards University Safety” (STATUS). The STATUS plan offers education that aims to reduce sexual violence, and it will hold Greek groups accountable for their gatherings, Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong approved the plan on March 23. On Friday, all Greek chapter presidents signed pledges to honor the plan, prompting administrators to lift the social probation.

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Dad-“How’s Cal Poly going son?”

Frat Boy-“This week we learned raping drunk women is bad.”

Dad-“Your Mom and I are really proud of you, keep it up kiddo!”

They need to get this over with so all the rich future frat and sorority students now deciding on a college for next year will come to Cal Poly. How else to hire more administrators and give themselves more raises?

“Cal Poly frats and sororities get off probation”

No wonder I couldn’t find a keg in town today…

A better headline would have been to delete “probation” from the end of it. That would describe the history of sororities and fraternities.

What educational purpose does frats serve? SLO Town needs to crack some heads.

Frats llow for college guys who otherwise wouldn’t have any friends or get any girls to be able to do both.

I have been saying that for years! Thank you!

to throw rape parties?

Seriously it’s time to end the Greek System on Campus.

Was that the STATUS plan we saw being implemented during the St. Fratty’s day roof collapse? Oh, right….that was not a registered fraternity party…..just conceived by a frat, historically hosted by a frat and well attended by frat members. And then they have the balls to blame the social probation itself for the party, essentially saying that “parties gonna happen…they should have left the party planning to us professionals”. I guess the University agreed with them!

You are 100% correct. I attended the forum hosted by Prez Armstrong after the St. Fratty’s Day fiasco and that is precisely what happened. The students blamed the social probation itself for their partying because they need an outlet and are going to party no matter what. Uncle Armstrong seems to side with the students.

He’s a frat rat himself. Why not be totally in their camp?

Coming up with a clever acronym will definitely get you back in the good graces of University officials. Too bad they don’t realize that STATUS actually stands for:







I’m relieved to find out that I wasn’t the only one to think about the hidden meaning in the acronym.

Reduce sexual violence….shouldn’t that read STOP sexual violence all frat functions.

Again, Poly bends toward students and against citizens….let the parties continue!!

What’s the over/under date when they go back on probation?


The clever acronym will buy them at least 6 months, 3 sexual assaults, 2 alcohol poisonings and 1 more collapsed roof.