Cal Poly boys and girls poop for parody

April 22, 2015

calpolySome Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students skipped out on the men’s and women’s rooms last week in honor of an event dubbed the campus “Shit In.”

The Cal Poly Queer Student Union called upon students to use only gender-neutral bathrooms last Tuesday through Thursday. The event was intended to raise awareness for “trans*/gender non-conforming” students, according to the Shit In Facebook page.

An accompanying online petition called for Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong to create more all-gender bathrooms on campus. The petition has received 294 signatures.

“Gendered bathrooms pose a threat to the emotional and physical well being of this demographic, and often force awkward and uncomfortable encounters for non-cisgender identifying students,” the petition states.

Only five all-gender bathrooms are reasonably accessible on the Cal Poly campus, according to the Queer Student Union. In all, there are 16 all-gender bathrooms on campus, according to a Cal Poly Pride Center list.

In addition to requesting more gender-neutral bathrooms, the Queer Student Union is also asking the university to add “gender diversity” signs to existing male and female bathrooms.

“Gender diversity signs would create a more accepting climate to existing gendered bathrooms, fostering more tolerance and acceptance for the trans/gender non-conforming population here at Cal Poly,” the petition says.


Folks, they are just advocating that existing single-stall restrooms be converted to gender-neutral. While I enjoy the superior cleanliness of women-only restrooms (e.g. no pee on the floor– dudes, why do you always miss the toliet?), I feel like this is neither a revolutionary nor unreasonable request.


Thanks for dropping by to make us all sick. And I’m glad you feel the womens rooms are superior in cleanliness because it means you’ve never cleaned one. Its no secret in the maintenance world that women in public restrooms are absolutely filthy. Whatever leaves their bodies seems to hits the walls then the floors!


I was a custodian a Cuesta. I can tell you from experience, women’s bathrooms are way worse.


I don’t think one can generalize. In some ways (pee on the floors), men’s rooms are worse. In others, women’s rooms are. (Plumbing experience here.)

Also, Granola Girl, not ALL men pee on the floor and some of those who do don’t do it often.


“…this is neither a revolutionary nor unreasonable request…”

Right, it’s a ridiculous request that serves absolutely no purpose except to push the LGBT agenda.


I can’t find the gay agenda on google. Could you share your copy with us?

3 putt

Disgusting and no class whatsoever.


First the collapsed garage due to “brewfing” and now this s-in. Nothing like (inter)national exposure, Cal Poly!


if the men’s room is occupied by some constipated mathematician i’ll go use the ladies room. better than being caught short. btw, this has been normal in Europe for years. puritan country


“Normal in Europe” in no way means “good.” Often times quite the opposite…


So by this rationale, should I be able to use the women’s locker room for showering, using the toilet, or using a locker when the men’s is full (or whenever convenient for me to do so)?


If the sign on the door sez so, then yes.

Otherwise the old guy on poly campus, in the woman’s rest room goes to jail.

Convenient or creepy, depends if you get caught.


It is normal in the Middle East to behead…can’t see women in a men’s room and vice verse


Cal Poly is not the Middle East, Jeff Armstrong does not behead anyone.

Off topic Benghazi much?

Theo P. Neustic

Islam is now the “normal” in Europe as well.


Why are you dragging your fear of “Islam ” into this?

Derail FUD.

Theo P. Neustic

No fear here at all. I recognize your typical liberal ploy a of labeling anything that one respects as being based in”fear” but it won’t fly. I would warn someone of the danger of playing around train tracks but that doesn’t make me “afraid” or “phobic”. Nice try though.FYI there are now 50 million Muslims in Europe and 80% of them are on government assistance.

Native Europeans are truly living in fear to even enter certain sections of their own cities due to hostile Islamists. Just a warning but no fear here.


I was just in Europe a few weeks ago….and it is NOT normal in Europe!!!! Paying to use the “public” toilet is normal.


This story has gone viral–all over the US.


Just wait for the first lawsuit against the State of CA after someone legitimately gets traumatized (either physically or mentally) in one of Cal Poly’s “gender-neutral bathrooms.” You’re being irresponsible with taxpayer funds, President Armstrong for allowing this sort of thing.

Dirk Anderson

I hate using Public Bathrooms, I’m anything but Gender Queer. I believe I have been


The Culture is what it is, sick in the head. Where is my V.A. “Nut” check?

“Awkward and uncomfortable” to bad, nothing special about you, join the club.




This is damned embarrassing to Cal Poly. Both the S-In and the gender-neutral bathrooms. Perhaps members of the “Queer Student Union” (sad they feel the need to use an otherwise prohibited word) need to find someplace else to attend school?

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