Cal Poly boys and girls poop for parody

April 22, 2015

calpolySome Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students skipped out on the men’s and women’s rooms last week in honor of an event dubbed the campus “Shit In.”

The Cal Poly Queer Student Union called upon students to use only gender-neutral bathrooms last Tuesday through Thursday. The event was intended to raise awareness for “trans*/gender non-conforming” students, according to the Shit In Facebook page.

An accompanying online petition called for Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong to create more all-gender bathrooms on campus. The petition has received 294 signatures.

“Gendered bathrooms pose a threat to the emotional and physical well being of this demographic, and often force awkward and uncomfortable encounters for non-cisgender identifying students,” the petition states.

Only five all-gender bathrooms are reasonably accessible on the Cal Poly campus, according to the Queer Student Union. In all, there are 16 all-gender bathrooms on campus, according to a Cal Poly Pride Center list.

In addition to requesting more gender-neutral bathrooms, the Queer Student Union is also asking the university to add “gender diversity” signs to existing male and female bathrooms.

“Gender diversity signs would create a more accepting climate to existing gendered bathrooms, fostering more tolerance and acceptance for the trans/gender non-conforming population here at Cal Poly,” the petition says.


Cal Poly’s administration is in full support of creating greater access to gender neutral restrooms on campus. We are currently working on a policy to have gender neutral restrooms included in all new construction and remodel projects plans, and all restrooms in the Student Housing South project will be gender neutral by design. We are commitment to supporting all types of students and their unique identities.


Why do you want “gender neutral restrooms”? It serves no purpose other than to promote the LGBTG agenda. M&F public restrooms work just fine — they have stood the test of time.

Men who long to be women and women who long to be men are upset they cannot use the restrooms proper to the sex opposite of their own.

Their response it to push for “gender neutral restrooms.” How arrogant, immature and just plain silly.


Dear VPSA Humphrey…As a staff member at Cal Poly I would like to say that for me the bathrooms are not the issue. For me the issue is how this all is being presented. A disgusting name with a disgusting Facebook picture. Whatever happened to doing things with class. In my opinion Cal Poly is going down the toilet.


I have a hard time taking this group seriously when they choose to call themselves the ‘Queer Student Union’.

But then I don’t understand why black folks use the N-word either.


I know you can’t see me but I’m just shaking my head. If you still have a penis go to the men’s room and stop the nonsense. Come on Cal Poly!!!!! and ladies trust me…you do not want to be in a room where men are dumping whether the men are wearing pants or a dress it smells bad. You can change mother nature but you can never fool her.


So what is next? Public bathrooms for guys with small penises vs. large? We can’t have someone feel uncomfortable standing next to someone else, can we? What about different showers for people with self image problems only? I don’t mean to be insensitive but one of the problems with people today is they can’t adapt to anything because everything needs to be tailored for them. And when it’s not, the sh*t hits the fan (there’s no fans in these non-gender specific bathrooms, are there?).

Everyone is different – we all have things that bother us and sometimes you need to suck it up and JUST FIGURE IT OUT!

Cal Poly….a couple weeks ago a school known for Engineering can’t figure out that you can’t have an entire roof covered with standing drunks without it collapsing – now this.

Back in my day we were only known for setting a motorcycle on fire chained to a palm tree at Poly Royal :)

The good ole days.


Well at least the small penis bathroom would be really clean since no one would go into it.


This is a perfect example of a special interest group — the “queers” as they call themselves influencing something to the detriment for all.

Separate male and female bathrooms flat-out work. Not sure which one to use? Take a good look/feel at your crotch before leaving home — and no, clothing/make-up/hairstyles/etc. play no part into choosing the correct bathroom to use.


Well folks, let me introduce you to your future leaders, once thought to be the best and the brightest. Sadly, that’s no longer the case.


Right, because the QSU and its supporters obviously represent everyone who is a millennial.


We can always set aside the pedophile, water wars, revoked bail and a few other stories to find out the bathroom habits of college students. Who cares? Just sit, stand…whatever…and go.

Jorge Estrada

Convert all restrooms into usable storage and put out honey huts to be rountinely pumped. That would save water and BS. In fact all public buildings can’t afford flush toilets anymore. GO HERE should be the only label so that there are no strained minds.


They need to outlaw urinals. An obvious affront to someone who doesn’t have the proper genitalia.

A UCLA study estimated that transgender population is approximately 0.3% in the US. Why does 99.7% of society have to change it’s rules of decorum to accommodate 0.3%? Suck it up boy/girls.


Like the false “1 in 10 is a homosexual” statistic, I suspect the above number is closer to 0.0003% rather than what that UCLA study “estimated.”