DOJ investigators raid the Manse on Marsh

April 17, 2015

Manse on MarshBy KAREN VELIE

Investigators from the California Department of Justice continue their work reviewing computer records following a March 24 raid on the Manse on Marsh, an independent living facility in San Luis Obispo.

More than a dozen investigators from the department’s Medicare fraud and elder abuse division seized files and computers during the search. The search was conducted using a search warrant, DOJ Press Secretary Kristin Ford, said.

“We can confirm that we served a search warrant on the premises of Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo on March 24, 2015,” Ford said in an email. “It is an active, criminal investigation and so we can’t provide further information or comment at this time.”

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community that provides seniors with care and amenities. The property includes 87 apartments located in three buildings.

After investigators began searching the facility, owner Chris Skiff called a group meeting for residents and staff in which he advised them to contact an attorney before speaking with investigators, a family member of a resident said.

Skiff said the investigation was prompted by the accidental death of 65-year-old Mauricio Edgar Cardenas of San Luis Obispo, a resident of the Manse on Marsh.

Cardenas was attempting to cross Los Osos Valley Road in Los Osos shortly after 6 p.m. on Dec. 21 when he was hit and killed by a 2010 Dodge Challenger driven by 26-year-old Ricardo Serafin. The California Highway Patrol determined that Serafin was not able to avoid Cardenas because of the darkness at the place where Cardenas was crossing.

“It was such an odd passing that caused the query,” Skiff said. “The police and DA already exonerated us of any wrong doing.”

Skiff said the DOJ investigation is common following any unusual death of a resident. However, several managers at other independent living facilities said they have had unusual deaths in the past, including a murder, and that there were no DOJ investigations into their facilities.

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My mother lived at the Manse for many years. She received very good care there. One thing that seemed to make the Manse so good was that Chris, the owner, hired very good people to work at the Manse. Chris was on-site most days which I believe improved the quality of life considerably for Manse residents.


I just find it interesting that the owner advised the residents to contact attorneys.


That should be added to the Welcome sign when you cross into California…

“Welcome to California”

“Contact an attorney”



Ted Slanders

Maybe, and I use the term loosely, just maybe the investigation is regarding Manse on Marsh still collecting Mr. Edgar Cardenas’s social security check as a co-payment to his total rent at this facility subsequent to his death in December of last year? Or, in the same vein, Medicare charges that were charged in his behalf subsequent to his untimely death? If this is part or parcel to their investigation, can you spell “F-R-A-U-D?”

All of the information is not in as yet.


12 investigators were at the facility? There is more here than meets the eye? Or, where there’s smoke there’s fire? All these facilities should be required to have cameras monitoring the facility. My family was lucky to find a wonderful small intimate home for my mother after her stroke.


Oh yes, that is why there is an investigation wherein computer files are being sought in relation to medicare fraud. How people lie and spin things is simply amazing. The death is unrelated to the investigation.


I admit ccconfusion; if the Manse is on Marsh’ how does someonebeing run over aand killed in Los Osos become their problem?


An under-supervised dementia resident is one way. There are probably ten hundred others.


Yes folks all of this great care and supervision for over $5000.00 a month!


See what it costs to have an RN available and someone to prepare 3 meals a day, along with housekeeping and laundry at home? The Manse actually can be very reasonable.


Because it’s the government. They do that. They set it up to allow investigations for pretty much anything, but don’t always do it (i.e. the past “unusual deaths” that did not trigger them), however, out of the blue for a seemingly inconspicuous event – there they are, ready to ruin lives and make profits, I mean, fine those wrong-doers.

Sad part is, it is VERY difficult to be totally in compliance with all rules and regulations. Medicine in this country (esp. thanks to Obamacare) is a huge pile of rules and regs that no one sane can possibly stay on top of. Translation: if they want to “get” someone, they can.

…and we let this happen because we’re constantly kept in a state of fear, confusion, and/or ignorance.


Yes. Look at what they did to the DeGroot home for disabled children. It’s criminal what was done in that case.


oh my what did the Department of Justice do there? was Mrs Dgroot suspected of some sort of crime ?


No, it was another department of the government.


Your basic Jack Booted Thugs…


The first thing that came to mind was when Tony Soprano was holding meetings and stowing guns in his mother’s room at a similar facility because it wasn’t bugged — at first at least…


I loved that show, especially those early seasons.


You’s guys !!!!


Bada Bing! ‘Sopranos’ New Jersey Strip Club Robbed for the Second Time in a Month


They did not treat a friend’s father well when he was a patient there.

Kevin Rice

Better call Saul.