Grover Beach police find armed man asleep in stolen truck

April 16, 2015

rifle amoGrover Beach police arrested a 27-year-old man officers found asleep in a stolen pickup truck with guns and methamphetamine. [KEYT]

Early Wednesday morning, officers were conducting a nightly check of the Vons parking lot in the 1700 block of Grande Avenue when they found the man asleep at the wheel of a running pickup. Officers discovered the vehicle was stolen after running a check of the license plate.

Police arrested Jeremy James Blacker without incident. Blacker is described as a transient.

When officers searched the vehicle, they found two rifles with ammunition, methamphetamine and burglary tools. Police charged Blacker with possession of stolen property, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, possession of burglary tools, and being a felon in possession of a firearm and booked him into the  San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $20,000.

Grover Beach police are still investigating the case and trying to determine how Blacker acquired the rifles. Anyone with information pertaining to the investigation is encouraged to call Sgt. Angelo Limon at (805) 473-4501.

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Nice work by the Grover Beach P.D. Way to go, guys/gals. Meth and guns are a deadly cocktail. We can only hope that this fellow gets some drug abuse treatment in prison and that he works hard to get clean and sober.

I’ll never understand how people are dumb enough to try meth when we know that it is such an extremely dangerous and addictive drug.

one puff and it is springtime

The other guy that was alsleep at the wheel on this was Darwin. This guy should have been culled out at birth.

Darwin was a pretty good science writer you should read him sometime.

He doesn’t fit into civilized society.

Get rid of the garbage.

You might be surprised (I know I was) when I discovered that my friend’s son had become very detached from society and then was also found hiding in a vehicle he had stolen. Later, a psychiatrist discovered he had a pretty severe mental illness. The behavior stopped with proper treatment. The danger in our society lies within a construct of deciding people are trash-when indeed they are not. I am not saying “trash” does not exist (I call it evil), but let’s not lock everyone up and throw away the key just yet.

What?!!!! The gun laws didn’t prevent him from acquiring these firearms? Oh the humanity!!!!!

The government has not taken your guns.

The government WON’T take your guns.

But, criminals WILL steal them.

Keep playing the false victim.

Your first statement may be correct but the only reason it applies accurately is that gun owners and other civil libertarians have opposed the attempts to pick away at the 2nd Amendment.

The second statement will only be true if the government stops trying to grow in power. (You do remember the NSAs recent actions don’t you?) When I see it cutting its ties to the plutocrat class, I might start to believe you — highly unlikely.

Criminals will attempt to steal guns and will succeed occasionally. Part of being a responsible gun owner is keeping the guns safe from theft through various methods. Some of us are responsible and some aren’t. And some criminals are good enough to steal guns from cops and the military so there will always be that danger.

I mostly agree with your second paragraph. I do think confiscation is a practical impossibility with over 300 million guns extant in the US.

Cutting political ties to the plutocrat/fascist class will be tough, agreed; but WE have to start …and that will take supporting those elected officials and candidates that propose to radically reform campaign funding and crack down on the SCOTUS legally sanctioned corruption by invalidating Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo, and replacing at least some of the five fascists on the Supreme Court.

Check out / read Glenn Greenwald for methods to do this and re government snooping. ( BTW, corporations do this all the time…tracking, datamining, and compiling personal info; so there’s that, too. )

we have known most about the NSA’s signals intelligence program for 30 years !!! the only reason we’re talking about it now ? Obama is the president. making use as a tool to attack him . and bring about the final zombie apocalypse

By all means lets build a facility for all the transients to give them a beautiful place to stay providing meals, showers, new clothes and anything else their little hearts may desire. We need more people (?) like him around us, Right? WRONGGGGGGGGG.

I almost forgot. No doubt the tax paying citizens would be extremely happy to pay more taxes.

Most tax paying citizens are already extremely happy being overtaxed for more jails and militarized police.

Don’t forget we are also overtaxed to keep those not working happy, those with their public sector pensions and those using their EBT’s.

transients, overtaxed, public sector pensions?

This is not a teaparty, hate on homeless article, why are you all bringing in off topic bitching?

Did the article state that the perp is transient ? Off topic or just doent suit you?

Third paragraph: “Blacker is described as a transient.” (Not that being a transient is relevant to the rest of the article.)

It’s what they do …keeping in line with their victimhood mantra.

Psychological masochism.

How do things look I that mirror?

Let’s get Dick Tracy on this ASAP !

Gee, the skell was sleeping in a stolen vehicle, had meth and burglary tools handy …

Maybe, just maybe, the guns were stolen .