SLO woman dies after home catches fire

April 21, 2015

fire alarmFirefighters pulled a woman out of a burning San Luis Obispo home Monday afternoon, but the victim died after arriving at the hospital. [KSBY]

The fire occurred at a house located at 125 South Tassajara Street. San Luis Obispo firefighters responded at 1:47 p.m. and arrived at the scene within three minutes.

After struggling to get inside the home, firefighters found the woman in a corner bedroom and brought her to an ambulance waiting outside. The ambulance transported her to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

The victim was in extremely critical condition when she arrived at the emergency room.

Witnesses of the fire told KSBY that, upon seeing the smoke, they tried to break into the house to save the woman. But, the front door was barricaded, and the windows and side gate were taped shut.

Neighbor Ann Neuman said that her husband and she had been in the house before, and the woman who lived there had a lot of boxes and furniture next to the front door.

San Luis Obispo Fire Chief Garret Olson said it was difficult for firefighters to break into the house because there was a lot of debris inside the home.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the victim, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation. Neighbors said the woman owned cats and a dog, but fire officials said they have not found the animals.

Firefighters gained control of the fire within 10 minutes of arrival. The damage to the home and belongings is estimated to be more than $150,000.

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Indigo, I would have to say, it sounds like it.

I am so very sorry to her family, if she has any.

There is certainly nothing we can do over a tragedy like this that has already occurred, but if a friend or family member has this issue going on—we can steer them in the direction of at least making sure things are a clear path for first responders.

I am sorry for her family too…

Does anybody remember the statement made by Erik Baskin of The San Luis Obispo Firefighters union.

“People will die if SLO measures pass”

Quit trying to use a tragedy for political purposes. Not only did this not happen because of Measure A but I happen to agree with Andrew Carter’s comments in the article you linked. The likelihood of problems with understaffing would be due more to the need to cut staff due to the excessive wage and benefit packages in place.

If I lived in SLO, I would have voted for it too and I wouldn’t look to blame a non-existent slow response on a falsely-attributed lack of staffing.

300.3 (F42) Hoarding Disorder: Sadly, these people will not part with their possessions, even if it means parting with them to escape with their life (which would mean suddenly parting with ALL their possessions).

How maddening it must have been to kick a door as you’ve done easily in the past and suddenly be held back knowing an elderly lady is somewhere in there. Good work SLO FD…..regardless of the outcome you showed up quick, ready and did your best!

I don’t understand why they didn’t just switch to breaking out a window.

Because…she was a hoarder. They could not get in.