Social Services receives letter with white powder

April 19, 2015

white powderThe Santa Maria Department of Social Services was evacuated Friday after an employee opened a letter containing a white powder. [KEYT]

Shortly after 11 a.m., the employee opened the envelope and found chunky pieces of an unknown white substance wrapped in foil. Authorities responded, including hazardous materials units, and evacuated the building.

Samples of the white substance were sent to the San Luis Obispo reference laboratory for testing. Information about the contents of the envelope are not being disclosed at this time.

After an evaluation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, employees and the public were let back into the building.

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Child Welfare Services workers- CWS/CPS workers are employed in social services buildings. They are not a public favorite some times. Parents who are not working on reunifying fully with their children or are not fully working their case plan “could” have an issue with their “worker”. Maybe some crazy bio terrorism group decided to target government buildings. One thing is certain; there IS a possibility of bioterrorism like this happening as long as our borders are open. It is not just Anthrax; it could be smallpox, ricin…..

I think threats should be taken seriously.

Really? They evacuated the building. What exactly would they base that reaction on? Definitely test the substance and temporarily quarantine the employee and that immediate area (e.g. cubicle) while that is being done. But there is absolutely NO REASON to justify evacuating the building. There is ZERO possibility that a white substance sent to Social Services in Santa Maria is something like Anthrax. My gosh we are becoming a society of idiots.

You need to brush up on your statistics.