Yanaga barred from posting bail

April 21, 2015
Thomas Yanaga

Thomas Yanaga

A Paso Robles man who was arrested for participating in a Central Valley shooting after posting bail on a murder charge is now stuck in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

On March 14, Thomas Yanaga, 52, shot Marshal Savoy, 32, of Atascadero three times in the chest. Four days later, Yanaga pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming he shot and killed Savoy in self-defense.

Yanaga gained release from San Luis Obispo County Jail on April 8 after posting $1 million bail. Then, last week, Yanaga was one of three men arrested on attempted murder charges for a shooting in Hanford.

Kings County Sheriff’s deputies charged Yanaga with attempted murder, participating in a street gang, committing a new offense while on bail and for having a new felony.

Yanaga appeared in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Monday. There, Judge John Trice ruled that the murder suspect must remain in San Luis Obispo County Jail as he awaits trial.

During questioning, Yanaga told deputies that on March 14, he was in his garage smoking with his wife when Savoy intruded and demanded his car keys. Yanaga said he begged Savoy to leave his home, but Savoy charge at him in the kitchen.

Savoy’s friend Ashley Moss, 25, witnessed the shooting. Moss said Savoy was attempting to get Yanaga and his wife to stop fighting when Yanaga went into the kitchen, put a magazine into his gun, yelled for Savoy to look at him and then shot him repeatedly.

Moss testified on April 2, but then did not show up for court the following day. She reappeared in court Monday after Trice delayed the hearing to allow prosecutors time to contact her.

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Amazing, some sanity finally broke out at the courthouse. Normally, someone has to put up a 10% cash deposit payment to get a bail bond. I’d like to find out who put up $100,000 for Yanaga to get bail.


The VAGOS Motorcycle gang. That’s where the gang enhancement charge comes from.

He’s a real smart man, he wont be going home for 20 to 25 years.

what’s the ‘ol saying… give em enough rope and they will hang them self.


Citizen of the year still available?


Only in Arroyo Grande!