Pair still homeless after crashing stolen sailboat in Morro Bay

May 6, 2015
Geoffrey Mark Ogara

Geoffrey Mark Ogara

Two men attempted to sail their way out of homelessness after stealing a boat in Morro Bay, but their adventure came to a quick halt.

Geoffrey Mark Ogara, 52, and Martin Perez, Jr., 19, stole a sailboat from the docks in the 500 block of the Embarcadero, according to the Morro Bay Police Department. They promptly lost control of the vessel and beached it on the sand spit near Morro Rock.

Around 8 a.m. Monday, police received a report that the boat had been stolen, and Morro Bay Harbor Patrol officers had recovered it. Upon investigating the incident, police learned that Ogara and Perez planned to sail the boat to the open sea.

Martin Perez, Jr.

Martin Perez, Jr.

Officers arrested the men and charged them with grand theft. Ogara and Perez are in San Luis Obispo County Jail with their bail set at $25,000 and $20,000 respectively.

A warrant had been out for Ogara’s arrest due to failure to appear for a misdemeanor charge, according to the jail website.

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Make them walk the plank!

I’m the owner of the boat. Where do I start? We had sailed the Flicka “Good News” that Sunday afternoon, bringing her into the dock at 7:30 that evening. We talked about coming back and sleeping on the boat later that evening as we often do but ended up not doing so. We removed the tiller and stored it down below & unhooked the gas line from the outboard motor. The kill switch clip was hanging from its lanyard and would have to be re-attached for the motor to be started. Geoff and Martin obviously had no idea how to operate the vessel and never started the motor, nor raised a sail. The halyards (the ropes that raise the sails) were all tangled up but they were not attached to anything to raise. The jib is self furling and neither could figure out how to unfurl that either. They cast off the lines and the outgoing tide and current took them to the sand spit. High tide was at 10 pm but they hit bottom anyway and my guess is that when the boat started listing they (and their dog) jumped overboard with most of their belongings, both had overnight bags. The anchor was also deployed for some reason. The cabin was completely torn apart. Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, sails, sunshades, warm clothes, bottled water, some food all scattered about and left untouched. Nothing stolen, not even the brand new $300 handheld gps unit, which they could have used to find their way once on the spit, lol. I think the old guy was looking for liquor or drugs, none of which we hadon board. Imagine his frustration when he found a case of beer all non-alcoholic. The thing is, if they had figured out how to start the motor and made it out of the harbor they would have more than likely ended up on the rocks. That water is cold and in the dark, people are hard to find. I don’t care who you are or what your excuse, you don’t steal stuff. There is help out there. I did contact my pastor and he is reaching out to these men. He works with the homeless in Morro Bay. By the way. Geoff, the older man was released yesterday. I’m not sure about their dog. Poor thing is probably still in the pound.

Save the dog!!!!! These 2? Hope your pastor is part of the catholic church. They have enough $ to purchase these 2 a nice home with a stellar view!

I thought about saving the dog, but we have three already, and my husband might kill me. He looked like a nice pup. (I watched the “rescue” through binoculars”) Border collie mix from the looks of it.) And, yes we both work full time, and if our pastor was Catholic he would be a “Priest”. What these two need is more than to be “given” money or a house, or material things. They need a purpose in life. Love. Something bigger than they are. God. Until then, they will continue the same pattern that led them to where they are now. All of you folks who say if we just “share” or “give them more money” or “let the government take care of them” are in la la land. It’s not working. It’s not working in Morro Bay, Detroit, St. Louis or Baltimore. Time to wake up America. The only way to get ahead is to take personal responsibility. If you’re down and out ask for help and you will get it, but there is no excuse to stay down and out in this country. Not yet anyway. Life hasn’t always been rosy for me. I didn’t grow up at the yacht club, but I worked hard. Hard enough to have a business, a house and yes even a boat. I kinda don’t like it when someone who doesn’t thinks they are entitled to it, “just because”.

Oh, Christ, now I’m glad they stole your boat. I never thought I’d see the day that someone would include Morro Bay in the same breath as Detroit, Baltimore, or St; Louis, but you have pulled it off. Keep watching life through your binoculars.

slophocles, and you keep your head in the sand. you seem to like it there.

With as much as Morro Bay has, you’d think it could give up a little now and then, It’s a little thing called “sharing”.

Huh? People need to share their boats with strangers so they won’t steal them?

achillesheal……..”sharing” = Dont get a job or take responsibility. Those who WORK for a living need to take care of those who chose NOT to.

Why not? They float down there in the bay doing nothing. What a waste.

“Pair still homeless”? Looks like they found a home – County Jail whereby they will receive food, shelter, and a bed. Not too shabby.

How did he bail out of jail? (with no $) did the church bail them out?

The state of California let him go. Prop 47. Fly and be free. The prisons are too crowded.

Which is exactly why we should house the homeless on the dormant floating sailboats of the affluent. Those big fishing boats are empty most the time too, because commercial fishermen are out drinking in between fishing trips. I see an opportunity here to really help the homeless in our area.

“because commercial fishermen are out drinking in between fishing trips.” In a related story, a person known as “Slophocles” has admitted that he needs to give up “Spice” smoking before posting anymore of his whacked out thoughts on the internet.